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New York Times “NEGRO QUESTION” Reemerges!

So, the folks who are suffering from white guilt & racism are white Liberal Communists from the north east.  Of course they are because they believed (and still do) that the Negro was beneath them.  They feel guilty that they emotionally still believe this.   Why else would the elites dumb-down school tests and enforce affirmative action?   Because they suffer from white guilt.   The elite Marxists installed affirmative action so that the negro would have the same chances as the white folks, minus the brains, they thought… See?   They made it ‘fair.’ But, its not fair, because the true Mensa brainiacs are the ones turned away from the right positions in many cases and even whites are discriminated against because of EOE.

The left does not criticize Obama because they do not believe he is at the same level as whites.   Therefore, as the old plantations used to say:  “We must talk to the slaves as we would talk to children.”    Patriotic people can criticize Obama because his policies suck and they would suck if he was white as cotton   😉

Well, here is more of a reason for them to suffer:

Headline of an article from the early 1900’s(THE NEW YORK TIMES)

So far this century, the Times has used the word “Negro” 2,822 times. Says Philip Bump


Image The New York Times