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NYTimes Propaganda Photos Of Russian Involvement In Ukraine Exposed: They Were Photos From Georgia, 2008?

Mayor of Slovyansk in Ukraine says photos are of his friends right here..

PHOTOS OR NOT:  I am sure our troops do not want to go murder Russians for John McCain/Obama’s WAR against Putin.  Isn’t it past time that Americans realize that Russia was involved in nothing in Ukraine pre March 2014 but John McCain, Victoria Nuland and the NGO were the ones who overthrew the Ukrainian government by Coup D’Etat?  Why they are doing this is beyond me.  But, I do believe it has to do with energy, gas, oil.


There are many original images from Georgia 2008 posted on reddit here. Discern for yourself.

Posted on Global Gag Me hat tip Lisa M.

Is the State Department lying once again?


NYTimes:  Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia and suggest that many of the men who have seized Ukrainian government sites are indeed Russian military and intelligence forces.

Now the question about the NYTimes is:  Why does anti War NYTimes want to GO to war??