POLL: Almost 70% Of Arizonans Want @SenJohnMcCain GONE

64% Of Arizonans Want @SenJohnMcCain GONE


Why did Arizonans vote for this vile piece of garbage in the first place? I sure as hell didn’t vote for this drek.  He probably won with Soros’s diebold machines.   Does anyone know his REAL history?  Or what he has told us?  My former husbands father was in a NAZI prison camp for over 2 years.  Not one time did he give up information to the NAZI’s.  He was traded for a pack of cigarettes by the Italians.  The ONLY time that he even talked about being a POW was in the last months of his life. 

John McCain USES his Vietnam POW tragedy to prey upon the elderly in AZ because they don’t utilize the internet.  I experienced this the other night.  Some of these elderly at my Moms home (not all) think John McCain is a great patriot.  HA HA HA.  Sure. And, bridges in Brooklyn are for sale.

Read this, or not.  It’s up to you.  I know the truth sucks:


Poll: 64 Percent of GOP Arizona Voters Want McCain Gone


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    Go move to Ukraine and fight Putin by yourself.


11 thoughts on “POLL: Almost 70% Of Arizonans Want @SenJohnMcCain GONE

  1. It doesn’t matter who we vote for they are going to put who they want in there. It should be plain that it is no longer we the people that get who they want in office, it’s the moneyed people that buy these positions.

  2. Well, WT: Looks like you and I will have to go guerrilla and waste em all

  3. McCain’s grandfather had an interesting life. World War 2 US Navy, ship Captain. Was in “for the duration”. Went home after the war to Arizona, said he was tired from the traveling and needed to lay down and rest. He closed his eyes and died in peace, on his sofa.
    Most likely, a ship captain, would have the correct political friendships. I do not know.
    The grandfather, I respect.

  4. Yes, I’ve read about his G’father.
    Most of our g’fathers were fabulous men

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