Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

I believe that dreams can be messages from God.  It says in the book of Joel that God would pour out his spirit on ALL flesh in the last days and mankind would dream dreams and people wold have visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

I was in Queens, NYC living in a home there.  We were out with our friends in the warm night.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw a 5-6 missiles/rockets fly through the sky (it was SO real), they were flying through the sky and one of them hit a house and blew the house away.  A second round of rockets flew through the sky and hit some more homes, blew them away.  And, then a third, fourth, on and on.   Me and my husband went under the bed and across the backyard, we saw a helicopter type of air-vehicle land in the yard next to us.  A military man got out and started shooting everyone in the house.  Rockets were flying across the sky.

I couldn’t take anymore and woke up.

 I have believed for many, many years (more than 2 decades) that America would be invaded.  We will be forcefully intruded upon by Russia, China and their allies, I believe.   We will be invaded for causing nothing but turmoil in the middle east, and now Eastern EU plus an array of other countries that we have had NO business being in.  John McCain and the NGO have fomented revolutions in 4 different countries, then turn & blame the leaders of those countries for what they do.

When this happens to us, don’t blame the invader.  Blame yourselves for allowing dirty, rotten psychopaths rule your lives and destroy the planet. Lunatics like John McCain, Obama and Bush.  We will have (collectively) done this to ourselves and payment in full is coming.  God is not mocked.  That which a man sows, he will also reap–in due time.

Russia and China came to mind when I had this dream.

It looked like this in the dream:  UPDATED PHOTO

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20 thoughts on “Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

  1. I have those sorts of dreams all the time. Been having them for a lot of years. Don’t think they are prophetic though in my case… however, there’s evidence that we use dreams to help us to place memories into storage. That just means in my case, I’ve been doing all my prepper stuff, learning to help others and to be ready for the SHTF scenarios!

  2. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Something like that would absolutely ruin Obama’s presidency, but for reasons you might think. There are between 20 million and 23 million illegal aliens in America and it would bankrupt the government to track down and deport illegals, as odds are they would in fact wish to subvert the nation and do sabotage to bring in a reign of socialism/communism that radical fools espouse but true radicals harbor as bitterness in their host nation.
    Obama better start bowing to Putin. Bowing deep.

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  4. It is amazing you should dream this because I had a disturbing dream of my own just last night (4/24/2014) and it went like this:

    I was with some other people and we were all scrambling to find secure shelter and a place to hide because we had heard that an atomic device would explode within a few minutes and time was ruinning out to find a place to hide.
    In my dream it appeared there were very few places to go that would be secure because apparently somebody had not seen fit to build any shelters for the general population and there was no civil defense mechanism in place at all.
    The clock was ticking in my dream and we finally found a thick brick fence to hide behind and we huddled down as close to it as we could get.
    After a short wait, I heard a voice saying, “It has exploded.”
    The next thing I saw in my dream was this intense light growing brighter and brighter and the wind growing stronger and louder and I wondered, “Will I survive this or not?”
    I awoke safely in bed wondering what it all meant.
    I am sure that people get premonitions of things.
    My greatest fear is that if we keep on messing with world powers on the world stage we might get set up for a surprise invasion one of these days – – an invasion that will be so quick and so devastating that we will be able to do very little about it except to absorb the impact of the horrors that might be unleashed on us.
    I think we really ought to back off our dreams of placing sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine thing. I am afraid such actions can only have disappointing results. Maybe I just made an understatement.
    I do know that I hate these disturbing dreams and if there were less tensions in the world maybe they would be replaced by more peaceful dreams.

  5. God is the one who is giving these warnings, John.
    And, I totally agree w/ you, 100% with the Ukraine sanctions and insanity.
    I believe that McCain, Kerry, Nuland and an array of others are the ones sanctioning Ukraine.
    They are all the phony ‘powers that be’ that still believe they have power.

    It is obvious to a trained eye that it is Russia/China who now have the power.
    USA did have power—power that came from above and we turned on God (collectively), bombed countries at will, hurt the poor of the world and abused that power and now, God will allow what we have sown to come upon us.

    It will be scary, but when we go through this, we need to thank God that justice is served.
    Sad, but true. 😦

    I am glad you are sensitive to the spirit of God enough that he can give you dreams also.

  6. I think we owe it to ourselves to become “God Minded” because all the things that are truly important to our eternal existence are things in the spiritual realm.

    There is a universal principle that if a person seeks their highest understanding of God then that higher understanding will be revealed if the seeker is sincere. It is like a flowing river of spirit that must first be found and then drank from . . . but it is no farther away from anyone than the burning desire and the will power to make the effort to find it.

    Everyone on Planet Earth is gifted in one degree or another with some kind of workable connection to things that on a higher plane than we are at present in this physical condition and if a person will only believe that and seek to sharpen those skills, the sharpening will come and the person will be able to connect with the eternal and “see” things and “do” things that sometime seem incomprehensible to the carnal mind . . . (The mind that is habituated to the limitations of the physical realm) . . . which, unfortunately, is where most people tend to remain because of their tendency toward what is known as “The Path of Least Resistance” or “The Comfort Zone Syndrome.”

    I think I can state as an absolute fact that you, The Mad Jewess, are one of those special people who has found the keys to eternal rivers of knowledge and I think that you have the kind of spirit that reaches out and sends healing energies to other people. I am saying this because I feel it in my soul. I believe you are a member of a very exclusive club – – – the club of the spiritually awake and the spiritually aware and that you have had encounters with your higher self.

    Have you ever left your physical body and traveled consciously to other spheres?

    Do you find yourself experiencing Deja Vu quite a bit or being suddenly inspired by something that happens just the way you felt it would happen a little while down the road?

    I do believe there are a whole bunch of people on this planet who are only here for a little while and who have been gifted with a special mission . . . a mission to impart spiritual strength to others . . . to be guides and comforters . . . to be encouragers and enlighteners . . . and I know from the way you write things to try to awaken people to the facts of existence that you have this special gift and God only knows how many more.

    But you already know all this, don’t you?

  7. John:

    The only time I ‘left my body’ is when I was reading a book about Heaven.
    I literally saw flowers singing!

    I am very spiritual and not afraid of the supernatural power of the Lord.
    I wish God would show me more !

  8. Be comforted and assured . . . God WILL show you more as the time comes into fruition and harmony with whatever His Will is for you.
    In the mean time just keep on shining with the radiance of the flower in God’s great garden that you already are and that should suffice for the moment.
    This is one of those days when you should sense some small smattering of improvement in your progress toward restoration of total health and happiness. Is it turning out to be so? I am continuing to pray and will not stop til I hear some positive news.

  9. TY SO much, John 🙂
    I am OK today.
    Just a tad runny, but not too bad.
    TY so much for the prayers.
    HaShem be with you

  10. Regarding your invasion fears. You’ll love this true story. Years back I had a Chinese girl friend. She told me of China’s long range plans for the US. She was a leader in the Chinese Democracy movement. I was told they plan a 10 million man west coast invasion and expect 1/2 of Americans to welcome them as liberators. She was a leader at Tianemen Square and got the tanks to stop shooting. Her girl friends were killed there. The punch line is her father wore a Red Star and well he should, after all, he was a colonel in the Red Army and also head of Red Army Intelligence. After Tianemen, she and her family of four were rescued and taken away to safety by the SAS. Her father turned out to be on the payroll of British Naval Intelligence. He had 60 kills to his credit in the spy business. They consider the Democratic Party the greatest threat to world peace and prosperity.

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