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God allows afflictions in our bodies so that we will turn to him and rely on his strength.

RECENTLY, When I got out of the hospital, they gave me a 10 day supply of Vancomyacin.  I instinctively knew that to tackle this spore I have running rampant in my body, 10 days would not be enough.  So, my fruitcake, drama-queen Doctor (Who I often have to rebuke for his lousy bedside manner & will fire this week) gave me 10 more days.  I was right:  Last night, this evil spore acted up with a vengeance.  The abdomen and gas pains returned.  This time, it is a sharp, quick pain that is not constant (which means the spores are getting weaker), but, still it is painful and the runs follow this horrible gas. 

I have been drinking a lot of water, Kefir milk, Chobani yogurt, sour beets, mushrooms, strawberries and flora PB 8’s.  I don’t believe the full effect of good bacterias will release into my system until I am free of the anti-biotics.   So, next Wed night when I have taken the last of the Vanco, I will be eating 3 Chobani’s a day with Chobani Yogurt shakes and 3 floras/PB8’s a day.  I really don’t like this food at all, but it is the new diet I have to grow accustomed to. UGH!

There are many sick bloggers, people.  Some ask me:  “Why are you not out physically fighting for the country?”  1st of all:  I had been for over 20 years, physically.  2nd of all:  My husband is a senior citizen – albeit, in good, healthy shape, but nevertheless, a senior.   And I, a weak, sickly Jewess (As are many Sephardics)   3rd:  How the hell much do people expect us to do?  At this point:  For us, this is what we do.  We do our best to do it great.    If we had the youth and great health, wild horses could not drag me from protests, joining the Bundy’s, etc.

At any rate, this is what I can do right now.  I have had 2 major surgeries in 5 years.  This year, I had gall bladder removal followed by C-Diff which can kill a person.  I have had infections after almost every surgery.  I am tired and beg God to give me strength and resilience.  Many people are going through even much worse than I am.  Like Jim Hoft, Loopy Lou, Zilla, Paul (Richard Nixon Dead) ETC..

So, God bless the sick and elderly bloggers.  We are fighting the best we can. You who do have strength, please don’t knock those of us who don’t.  We’re doing the best we can.