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Neutral German Reporter In Crimea: NO Russian “Invasion”, Happy People. Western MSM LIES, Lies, Lies.

The reporter below is neutral and was amazed when he went to Crimea to find no Russian ‘annexation’, no Russian tanks, etc.  He found that the Western (EU/USA) media lied and just put out propaganda to demonize Putin and Russia.  But, I’ve been telling you this.

You can listen to an interview with Manuel OchsenreiterDownload audio file

He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Zuerist monthly German publication. He was an observer of the Crimean referendum. This is part 1 of a longer interview.

OR – Listen to the video: HERE…

Crimea: No Russian invasion, happy people - Manuel Ochsenreiter

Obama wants to send our young men to DIE so John McCain can be rich.  End of story.