Jewish Mayor Shot By Ukrainians In Ukraine But Somehow This Is Russia’s Fault?

Jewish Mayor Shot By Ukrainians In Ukraine But Somehow This Is Russia’s Fault?

Do we blame a problem in Texas on Mexico?  Or an issue in Montana on Canadians?

I have blogged about Ukraine for months.  Since November 26, 2013.  I have told people that chaos would break out.  I told folks that Ukraine suffered a western backed coup lead by John McCain, Nuland, Sen Murphy and partially funded by Pierre Omidyar but I have not been heard.  The reason there is chaos and disorder in Ukraine is because western powers hijacked the Ukrainian government.  When you do not have valid government, you have lawlessness.  The lawlessness is in Ukraine because of the EU/USA.  

A true patriot calls out his/her country when it has gone rogue, not cover up its crimes.  I refuse to hide the crimes of the US government and its aggression against smaller, poorer countries. 

This mayor was not shot because he is a Jew.  He was shot because he is not supporting the ‘right side’ in a Civil war, none of which have anything to do with Russia.   The ‘right side’ can be either side in Civil War and a Jewish person should steer clear of politics in any case because it is a lose-lose in Ukraine.   Ukraine, historically, has always been a Jew hating country–always.    Regardless:  The Jews will come under serious persecution from the western backed hacks, The Right Sector, Svoboda Party, etc.    AND,  Pro-Russian or not, Ukraine is Ukraine & its people need to start taking responsibility for its own actions and stop blaming the Russians.  In fact, Ukraine should delve deeper into this SNAFU and realize that the west sent their country into destruction and kick out all pro-westerners.  Sorry friends– but it is what it is.

AND:  Still….. nobody will refute these questions without attacking us, the messengers:

Jewish mayor of Ukraine city shot in the back in assassination attempt – See more at: Pamela Gellers GONE.


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    Jewish Mayor Shot By Ukrainians In Ukraine But Somehow This Is Russia’s Fault?

    Did we hear of things like this before Obama/McCain started meddling in Ukraine?

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  3. The US are still poking the Russian Bear.
    I wonder just how many of the idiots would react (apart from wetting themselves) if Russia took off their gloves and grabbed these warmongers and put them on trial for incitement to start a World War.

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  5. Why blame McCain, Brittus? He , the Congress, the Repubs, the Senate , the WH have been suppressing info on the still missing pows in Vietnam. The American people have already accepted the lies by him and others in the Corridor of Power . That’s the way the American people like it. They are the Cause of everything evil happening in the US and around the globe. Damn them.

  6. The Mayor of Kharkov, Gennadi Kermes, has been shot in the back and critically wounded by an unknown gunman who used a rifle from long range. The bullet passed through Kermes’ body, damaging several internal organs.
    Gennadi Kermes is one of the various representatives of the Party of Regions in what is left of the Ukrainian Parliament. The folks leading the anti-regime insurgency are adamant that the Party of Regions and all its members have already betrayed them many times and that the idea of participating in the Presidential elections organized by the junta in Kiev is yet another betrayal.

    According to Russian analysts the irony is that the Right Sector and the Russian-speakers are both opposed to a negotiated settlement and both equally hate the junta in power. The shot which wounded Kermes today could have been fired by either side.

    The US and its citizenry must be enthralled. Their govt leads in the shadows, says Putin. “I think what is happening now shows us who really was mastering the process from the beginning. But in the beginning, the United States preferred to remain in the shadow,”Putin said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.
    Putin stated that since the US has taken a lead role in resolving the political crisis in Ukraine, it is “telling that they originally were behind this process, but now they just have emerged as leaders” of it.

    Now Amerikaners should understand why they are the most hated people and their country the most hated hell on earth – for others.

  7. Did you hear the latest, MJ? GERMANY wants a Referendum. From the filthy Amrerican yoke. Germans want their country to be FREE. It is occupied by Evil US.
    So, what’s in the offing for Germans? sanctions? A Ukraine? Germans are very well aware of America’s darling bitch Nuland who said: “Fuck EU”. Well, the Germans want to fuck the US. What say Amerikaners?

  8. The EU is well aware, as is the rest of the world, that sanctions by Psychopath America does not affect the average Amerikaner parasite. But it does affect Germany.

    Germany – the “EU’s economic powerhouse” – that will suffer far reaching negative impact on its own as well as, through trade linkages, on the overall EU economy. It is dependent on Russian energy sources (gas, oil and coal) more than any other EU country and will find itself in dire straits with no alternative energy source in sight for the foreseeable future. Der Spiegel estimates the country is at the risk of losing 300,000 jobs – a punishing demand on a population already suffering high unemployment. Headlining its report as ‘Economic War with Russia: A High Price for German Business’ Spiegel echoed German industry and public concern.

    Amerikaners give a shit to what happens to others. Just take a look at their sheeple. Spit. Scorn.

  9. This country deserves it, what more can I say ?

    And, Nuland is STILL there!
    Stupid, asinine country keeps assholes like her

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