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#NBA Sterling Story Is Not About Racism, It’s About A B*TCH Of An “American” Woman

The main stream media again fails in reporting the truth.  All that the MSM reports is sensationalism.  AND: They are always looking for the evil, white, boogey-man racist.  They really didn’t find one in Sterling and they didn’t find one in Bundy.  Bundy and Sterling both have large amounts of American blacks in their lives. True white racists have NOTHING to do with anyone BUT whites.

What Pill O’Reilly, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, YAHOO etc failed to report in depth is that Sterling was having a private conversation with his vindictive girlfriend.  He said this on the telephone to his on again, off again girlfriend in private.  What his vindictive girlfriend does not understand is that it’s against FCC laws to release a private conversation without advising the other person in the party line.   And, in Sterling’s case, (since he is a big wig), she would have had to obtain a signed release.  If the Sterlings were smart, they could destroy this female for life.

I listened to the whole conversation.  Sterling was more tired of his friends seeing pictures of his gal on instagram and his friends making fun of him than anything else.   He was tired of the humiliation.   He even said that he didn’t care if she ‘f*cked all of them.’   A true white racist would never put up with a race traitor.  That’s the facts.

Whether Sterling is a racist or not, this story is about a sell-out bitch who has destroyed the life of an old man for political gain.  She is the bad one, not Sterling.  That’s the facts.   The old man is better off with an old babe.