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Radical Left & ‘Conservatives’ Go FULL MCCARTHY Against NBA’s Sterling & Now He Is Banned From The NBA

Can someone please explain to me why the left & ‘conservatives’ feel morally superior to Joe McCarthy?

   The elderly Sterling had a private conversation with a young woman (his mistress or whatever) who felt scorned by him.  She reveals what Sterling said in a private conversation to TMZ without his permission.  Now, his life is finished for saying what he said.  This was a ‘thought crime’:  Another unwritten law of the radical, left wing.

You will only care when you are hunted for a ‘thought’ crime.

This is your America, now.  A Communist totalitarian state where anything you say can be used against you without a court of law. My grandfathers did NOT die for this, did not fight for this.   Many ‘conservatives’ are on the bandwagon to drill this man.  You’re not a conservative.  You’re not a patriot.  You are NO better than the left.  This was a PRIVATE conversation.  The ONLY law-breaker here was the young bimbo who released this information, breaking FCC laws. 

What Sterling said, I don’t agree with.  But, he said it in PRIVATE.  It was not meant for me or you to hear.  Even if he said it out loud, its still his right.  I have to take up for the rights of people, good or bad, (except Communism) because I’ll be next.  You’ll be next.

And, a question for you totalitarian brainiacs:  If Sterling was black and had said the same thing about whites, you white ‘conservatives’ and leftists wouldn’t care.  You don’t care that racism is a 2 way street & you suffer from white guilt for NOTHING.  Meanwhile, whites are MURDERED, raped and robbed by black males every day.  Not a word about that.  Only ‘hate filled’ words matter.  Words are more important than murder in AmeriKa.  But, only the words that the radical-left deem bad.

Side note:  McCarthy was persecuted, hounded and belittled for exposing Communists who were undermining our country.  This man was in a private conversation.