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Did Ya’All Know That Famous Rock Band, Led Zeppelin Were Song Thieves?


I used to be a big Led Zeppelin fan when I was younger (like 16-18 years old).   But, I never believed that Robert Plant was a great singer, so I stopped listening to them.   If a band does not have a great singer, I just toss their music in the ash-can or send ’em to Goodwill.  For eg: Journey had a dynamic lead singer, ditto Foreigner.  I did think that the musicians were excellent in Led Zepp.. Just a little shocked that they copied so many artists..

Here is a compilation of 10 artists who have either won legal battles/settlements against Led Zeppelin or are currently in court:

Here is a good write up on the subject:  Song Thieves…

AND: It’s not whether or not Led Zeppelin took basic chord progressions, specific instrumental parts or the lyrics and made them their own renditions.. IT’S THE FACT That they did it and claimed on their albums That “THEY” wrote the original music/lyrics – when they obviously did not.

Shame, shame, shame…