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How Long Before ALL Of Our Private Conversations Are Monitored??

The Don sterling issued has me totally perplexed.  I am no fan of this “Progressive,” Don Sterling.  But, how long will it be before our own private conversations are monitored?

Thumbs Down (Gladiator)

I don’t agree with what he said, but I also take note that he said it in private.   He is a Liberal who has helped some pretty idiotic  Liberal causes.  AND, I don’t give a damn if he is a Jew, either..  I defended Cliven Bundy (Mormon)  for a separate issue that was on the same type point:  HERE

  But, whether I like this cat or not is not the issue.   My concern is:  How many lives will be destroyed before the far, left-wing radicals are happy?  What happened to Sterling was a witch-hunt.  What happened to Sterling was “Social justice.”  What happened to Sterling was Communism.  Is this how you want to roll?

I am not a fan of Megyn Kelly & rarely watch her.  But, last night, she had the best show on this subject:  What is the legality of banning LA Clippers owner for life?  Kelly goes on to explain that Sterling’s mistress is the one who broke the REAL law and she is correct.  But, Americans have turned to a Gladiator mentality where judgements are made if the thumb is up or down.  This is how immoral people rule.  

Mark Cuban believes that what happened to Sterling is a “Slippery Slope,” he is correct.  I told him so on Twitter:

This is his BIO:  Click

Here are excerpts of what Kareem Abdul Jabbar (what a name) stated:

“I hope whoever made this illegal tape is sent to prison,”  “Moral outrage is exhausting. And dangerous. The whole country has gotten a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the newest popular sport of Extreme Finger Wagging,”  “Yes, I’m angry, too, but not just about the sins of Donald Sterling. I’ve got a list. But let’s start with Sterling. I used to work for him, back in 2000 when I coached for the Clippers for three months. He was congenial, even inviting me to his daughter’s wedding. Nothing happened or was said to indicate he suffered from IPMS (Irritable Plantation Master Syndrome)…..”

I would caution you to weigh all situations that come up in the media.  Too many times, Americans believe unedited versions of tape/audio video recordings (like Bundy’s) or jump to conclusions & judgments like in the case of Sterling.   Don’t tell me you would defend my right to say what I want, yet throw people under the bus because you are swayed so easily by the MSM.  The Constitution protects Sterling’s private opinions whether you like it or not.

Again, is this how you want to roll?

Because this is what we ARE becoming.