YES! White Police Officer Wins 1.35 Million In Discrimination Lawsuit!!

YES! White Police Officer Wins 1.35 Million In Discrimination Lawsuit!!

I get sick and damned tired of minority leftists claiming that Hispanics and blacks ‘can’t be racists.’  They are.  They are the worst bigots in the USSA.  This will make a powerful statement to these Liberal freaks.  I am so happy this happened.  Finally, some good news.  Way to go white man.

According to Newsday, Freeport, New York Police Lieutenant Christopher Barrella claims a Hispanic officer won the police chief job even though he had fewer academic qualifications and a lower test score. He believes that the town’s mayor, Andrew Hardwick, was unfairly discriminating against white employees.

The rest:  On this blog HAT TIP, Lisa M..


Another Ukraine? Georgia Abkhazia: Leader ‘Flees’ Protesters In Sukhumi

Another Ukraine? Georgia Abkhazia: Leader ‘Flees’ Protesters In Sukhumi

We are going to have to watch this scenario closely.. The leader was very close to the Russians…And, the NGO Americans and Europeans HATE that.. Will we soon hear how the leader of Abkhazia was a tyrannical dictator?  And will you just believe that bullsh*t AGAIN? I think so.  Most Americans are insane, now.  Can’t discern their armpit from their ass.

SO-Is this another coup d’état organized by the same perpetrators of the Ukrainian coup d’état Victoria “f’ck Europe” Nuland?  Will the American gangster NGO ever stop their work of destabilizing governments around the world, particularly Russia?  Putin’s defiance about their sanctions has driven them crazy, and that’s very dangerous when you’re screwing with a major nuclear power like Russia.

SO, did Nuland meet in that area of Eastern EU?  Yep: Google image search

Story from BBC below:

While the world’s attention has been focused on the annexation of Crimea and the violence in eastern Ukraine, things seem to be falling apart in another of Russia’s controversial satellites. The president of the semi-independent state of Abkhazia has apparently fled the capital, Sukhumi, after protesters stormed his headquarters. The opposition is reportedly still in control of the building.

Here is the kicker………….  ‘But Abkhazian nationalist feeling is also fueling the unrest.’  Mr Ankvab accused the opposition of attempting a coup on Tuesday and said the security forces remained “loyal to the state” and were “taking measures to stabilize the situation”.

The rest:  Read it at BBC who are probably working on the Putin hatred right now as we speak

In 2011: Abkhazia’s New Leader Embraces Russia (This is the same leader who fled)

Protesters..not violet……….YET.

Opposition supporters demonstrate outside the presidential headquarters in Sukhumi, the capital of Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia, on May 29.

Thank you for the link up: 15) Another Ukraine? Georgia Abkhazia: Leader ‘Flees’ Protesters In Sukhumi



Fatass Bob Beckel Calls Guilfoyle “Treasonous” For Questioning Obama’s Drone Murders

Fatass Bob Beckel Calls Guilfoyle “Treasonous” For Questioning Obama’s Drone Murders

Un-be-friggin-lievable!  This ‘anti war’ liar calls Guilfoyle ‘treasonous’ for saying that Obama is murdering people all over the world with his drones?  Finally, some Conservatives are waking up to the insane US foreign policy of murder and plunder and ‘anti war’, Bob Beckel says she’s TREASONOUS?! 

See the video here: Blob Beckel meltdowns yet again – calls Kimberly Guilfoyle treasonous

White Trash AR Cop To 5 Yr Old Stepson: “I’m Gonna Blow Your Jewish Brains Out”

White Trash AR Cop To 5 Yr Old Stepson: “I’m Gonna Blow Your Jewish Brains Out”


Here is a piece of white trash.. Why didn’t he stick with his own kind?  What is a Jewish woman doing with this trashy devil, anyway?  Poor little boy.  Only 5 years old and hated for being a Jew.  This is what Jew-hatred is.  What could this little boy have done to deserve such animosity? Nothing.  He was born a Jew.  That’s all.

I have to say that the current hate ALL Jew atmosphere has also encouraged this insanity all over the map and will probably get worse.


This must be Salvatore From Sacramento’s 1/2 brother: Read it here.  Terrible. Sad.   Hat tip: Lisa M.


Jewish people: Stay with your own and do NOT encourage mixing.  Stop it.  It only brings unhappiness to ALL. And pain to our people.

VERY SERIOUS NEWS: Shift Of Illegal, Occupying, Invaders Crossing Into Texas Accelerates

VERY SERIOUS NEWS: Shift Of Illegal, Occupying, Invaders Crossings Into Texas Accelerates

I really do not know just what it will eventually take for American people to wake up out of the stupor. I don’t.  I have no hope for this country, at all anymore.  None.  Zilch, nix, nine, nada.  This is the sole reason why I am concentrating on other countries and what our sick, evil insane government is doing to them.   Most Americans are so damned stupid, it’s sickening.  “We’re all equal…”  Shove it up your f*cking ass.  An illegal with a 3rd grade education, gold teeth, dysentery, lice, MERS, TB, Polio, greasy hair and C-Diff is NOT MY EQUAL.

SO:  Here is the news.. Almost 2X as many arrests have been made against these criminal invaders… They have their buddy in the White House: Obama, who protects these wetbacks.  When are men going to get off their g’d damned ass and do something?  After your wife is raped?  After your little girl is molested at 11 years old by some filthy grease-ball who is carrying the pox??  See that video below for yourself!

This is what the 1st part of this reports says re. TX says:

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A shift by immigrant smugglers to target the tough-to-defend U.S.-Mexico border in southernmost Texas has accelerated this year as the Border Patrol scrambles to shift its resources from states further west, according to an internal agency report obtained by The Associated Press.

From Oct. 1 through May 17, agents in the southernmost tip of Texas made more than 148,000 arrests, on pace to match last year’s total in less than eight months, according to the intelligence report. That compares to nearly 63,000 arrests in the Tucson, Arizona sector, which it surpassed for the first time just last year. The Rio Grande Valley sector averaged nearly 1,100 arrests per day from May 11-17, according to the document.

The rest:  Here, READ IT!!!!!!! 

And:  Breaking: Scores of Illegals Dropped at AZ Bus Stations …(Obama Flying Illegals from TX to AZ!)

(Thank goodness I bought another AK today)

I am sick and tired of sounding an alarm and nobody does a damned thing. What the f*ck type grandparents and parents did you men have?  I am only a woman and I expect men to start doing their f*cking job for a damned change.

NAZI HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

Just picture this scenario, Liberal gasbags….

A serial, right-wing fascist gets in charge of the USA and is requiring ya’ all to pass background checks for guns.  (We have not ever had a right-wing fascist, BTW)  Admit that you would be going insane.   How is this ANY different?  Obama is a Communist, control freak and even his own lapdog media has said so:  NYT reporter calls Obama’s White House most ‘control-freak’ administration ever. …

So, it is OK for Obama to be a control freak and a Communist who wants gun-control but not OK for a right-wing fascist to do the same.  What have I always said?  Liberals are friggin nutz…

Treacheurous house up to no good….AGAIN:   Representatives Peter King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) have drafted an amendment to an appropriations bill that would expand the background check system for gun purchases! 

Peter King the Commie is leading the charge.. He looks like Heatmiser, btw:

An art collage from January 2014