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#WhitePrivilege Mob Of Obama’s NEGRO Sons Beat One White Boy On School Bus


As Americans worry about the holy grail N word, this is how Obama’s rotten sons treat white kids on buses every now and then:  Original here.

Read more about that story:  AWFUL! Black Youth Mob Beats White Kid on Bus – Posts It on YouTube (Video)

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen the media go wild over Don Sterling, blacklist Cliven Bundy and not even report about a Jersey Democrat who said the holy grail N word.   All 3 people had something to say about the black community that America refused to listen to.  They won’t say it, but I will.  A Majority of black males are violent savages and are allowed to be so.  They are spoiled, rotten brats that should be locked up in cages with Pastor Manning as warden who should whip them, daily.

-David Ben Moshe