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Can Someone Put Bush Back In Charge So That The MSM Will Do It’s Job Again

This media would let Obama get away with pedophilia.


Yesterday, a stupid black Democrat said that Obama is disrespected.  What a joke.  Obama is praised, worshiped and loved by the insane main stream media.  They rarely ever report anything that would make the Teflon man look bad.  They do this because one of two things: Either they are scared to death of being called racists or they are downright Commies taking direction straight from the White House.  I actually believe both scenarios.

If this is the case, we are in deep doo-doo.

When Bush was Prez, I only had basic cable.  They used to drill Bush over every little thing.  I actually felt sorry for Bush because the main stream attacked him day and night–over the most inane issues.  Obama has gotten away with everything.  Literally.  The MSM is comprised of people who get paid millions to tell you nothing.  Us little bloggers get paid zero to tell you everything.  If they started doing their job, my life and the life of bloggers would be a lot more peaceful.

Please put GW Bush back in the White House so the media will do its job.

The coverage of protests was amazing on the MSM.  Now, the MSM covers foreign, bogus revolts and the Occupy Wall Street crowd.