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@SenJohnMcCain’s NAZI Enabling ‘Right’ Sector In Ukraine Murdered Many Fellow Ukrainians Today

What the hell don’t Americans get about this mess?  This is John McCain, Nuland, Sen Murphy and Pierre Omidyar’s SNAFU.  Ukraine is Egypt, Libya and Syria on steroids – and now the stupid, asnine Obama admin with McCain have declared Russia an enemy.  Russia has not attacked the USA, how the hell are they an enemy???  Your sons and daughters will go to WW3 against Russia and China to line the old, senile monster, John McCain’s pockets & you support these NAZI’s by supporting non-government chaos and fascism in Ukraine.  A few days ago, Putin said that US/EU responsible for mass chaos all over the world–he is wrong and only America is right…Correct?  This is NOT America anymore, fools.  Its a FUBAR of collective, war mongering psychos & the whole world knows it, only Americans don’t know it.  Sickening.   

More ‘conservatives’ should pay attention to the Libertarian “Sector:”

Message from Ukrainians to crazy Americans who won’t even listen: