@Wordpress: STOP Monitoring This Blog. My Stats Show I Have Not Hardly Grown In 5 Years


It is 1:17 PM on a Friday and my stats are 400 (give or take a few) in hits.  WordPress hardly ever allows my statistics to go over 1000 a day. NO JOKE. And, I PAY to have this blog!    I have to use a stat counter in Israel to show me the real statistics on this blog.  And, that costs money.   Sometimes, I am tweeted/facebook clicked over 7K-10K on ONE post and still the WordPress Stalinist, bogus statistic counter will tell me I had 800 visitors, total – for the whole day.  

In fact, the phony statistics show that I have not even really grown in 5 years.    On my Polyvore account, where I make some graphics, it shows me over 3K, daily on ONE post.  But, wordpress will show me that 15 total people have looked at the post.   Last week, Gateway Pundit linked me and it showed that 200-500 people total visited this blog from his blog.  On the same day, Savage linked Gateway Pundit.   Still, I barely had over 200 plus in stats.  Both of those websites generate millions of visitors.   I am tired of the censorship.

Brit says: 

My daily averages were between 4,300 to 4,700/4,800. Then I hooked up with international blog(s) and the numbers went up. I do not make any money from this, no click payment, no ads other than what wordpress leeches on the page. My overall number of visitors since September 15, 2009 until about this past March 2014, were: 7,032,xxx(+) as a grand total, then wordpress, zeroed my count out.

I blog as a gift to America and anyone that really wants to know what is going on. Unless I have a family commitment or something to do, I am here from 4:30am, until 9:00pm, 7 days a week. I (me, personally) am tired. I have had enough. I’m tired of the attacks coming through wordpress. My dashboard is almost completely dead and getting articles posted is really a labor. People think it’s all funny until either Obama declares martial law or, Sharia law becomes the new law of the land. Then it will be too late. I fought in a war, I also retired from the streets. I always looked to help people. Now it will be the “training wheels taken off” moment for the young people, because I am stepping off and stepping out.

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Release my stats, WordPress.  Stop kissing OBAMAS ass.