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Cenk Uygar: “Move The F*ck On From Benghazi.” Yeah, F*ck That Lefty Fag, Chris Stevens



If this was GW Bush, would Cenk Uygar ‘move on?’  Nope. 

The Democrats lied. They covered up the story.  They lied over and over again when all they had to say was that they failed.  But, they lied to us.  What does that mean?  They will lie to us over and over again just as they have with Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.  But, I digress.. Let’s do move on.  F*ck that leftist, Chris Stevens who was a faggot.  Let’s move on and allow Obama and company keep lying, expanding government and starting revolutions all over the planet. 

How many of you do not care which party is in there and believe they are ALL liars except maybe 3 or so?  We have to stop all of this and now is a good a time as any.  Or, do the Dems not want to go after Obama because he’s BLACK?! Thats what I think.