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Ukrainian Woman:  Obama Brings War, America Is No Peacekeeper, USA Organizes Revolutions Everywhere”

She is only saying (below in the VID) what I have been telling you since Obama got in. 

But, this woman is just touting Russian propaganda, right morons?

Graham Phillips is a Brit in Ukraine (His tweets above.)  I have been following him on Twitter and WordPress for many months now.  He reports the truth in Ukraine and here is the truth whether or not you want to hear it:

Woman in Ukraine:

Obama is meddling with war everywhere. America long ago stopped being a ‘guarantor of peace’ in the world. They call themselves peacekeepers, but show me just one country where the US has brought peace and prosperity.  Syria, Libya, Egypt, revolutions are being organized everywhere. The American presidents have for a long time been bringing only death,”

-a woman told Phillips on camera in an emotional statement.

America will not go unpunished for its murder of Ukrainians, Syrians, Libyans and Egyptians for NO reason.  God is not mocked.  I long for the day when he will serve his justice whether I get hurt or not.

One last Tweet for the Maidan “American” Nazis….