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USA & EU Responsible For The Rise Of The 4th Reich In Ukraine. Period. End Of Story.

Regarding Ukraine:  Basically, if you are anti-Russian at this point in time, you are pro-NAZI.

The EU & USA main stream media are avoiding the facts regarding the atrocity committed at the Trade Union the other night.  In fact, many ‘journalists’ are saying it is ‘Russian propaganda’ and the T.U. building just ‘caught fire.’   Let me make myself perfectly clear:  It would not be Socialists or Libertarians in Ukraine that set the Trade Union on fire.  It would not be the moderate or conservative crowd.  It would be NAZI’s & radicals just like we saw in Kiev, Nov 2013-Feb 2014:

The Western MSM is conveniently hiding this and aiding NAZI’s just as they now aid radical Jihadists in Syria:

Asked by the Washington Post who had thrown Molotov cocktails, a pro-Ukrainian activist Diana Berg admitted “Our people — but now they are helping them to escape the building.”  (Bullshit)

The BBC website merely quoted the regional office of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, writing that “it did not give details of how the blaze started,” stressing that “the exact sequence of events is still unclear.”  (BULLSHIT)

CNN covered the incident by stating that it was “unclear exactly what may have caused it [the fire].” Later, however, the channel acknowledged the fire was started by Kiev supporters throwing Molotov cocktails at the building.

More on that:  HERE

The people who have taken charge in Ukraine are the fringe and NAZI’s.  What the hell don’t American morons get about that? 

The current government was installed by Coup D’etat.  I showed you all this from the beginning: Ukraine.  A government installed by Coup ALWAYS has fringe groups, radicals, murderers because it is UNLAWFUL.  How many countries do you need to see this happen in before you believe it???  I don’t understand why American people don’t see this fiasco in Ukraine being ANY different than what happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria.  

This is a video compilation of what is happening in Ukraine:

  • I am also an “America for Americans”, but not to the point of being on the offense and beating the hell out of people.  I am also anti-Communist, anti-socialist, but I certainly would not set buildings on fire and char people to death.  However: If the radical left here in the  starts the offense, I WILL defend myself, family and neighbors.