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I’m A Russian Now: US GOVT To Release I.R.S. On Russia

Any conservative that is still against Russia but is anti IRS will not ever be allowed to post here. Feel the fascism, you’ve created it.

The IRS is used against political enemies through several different fascist US regimes.  Now, the Communist, Stasi American government wants to penalize Russia.  When does the madness end?  Today is the day I became a Russian.  I note the date:  May 5th  2014.   I will only stand in the gap for Americans that are against war.  I am sick of war, war, war.  I am tired of the USSR-is-still-alive Russia-hatred as well.  Grow up a$$holes.

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Funny Tax Day Ecard: I wish you'd fuck me like the IRS did baby.


The evil, homo-fascist, anti-male, anti-liberty west CRAVES WW3 with Russia really bad.