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FACTS: Since Crimea Voted To JOIN Russia, Nobody Dead. FACT: US/EU Installed Puppet Govt In Ukraine, MANY Dead

I am trying to STOP WWIII.  Others want to ‘make it happen.’

These are the facts.  Whether you like it or not.  Facts are facts.  You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.  A ‘journalist’ at Forbes put out a propaganda piece that is so dangerous-they should take his license and revoke his status to even write: Read that garbage here..  In this piece, FORBES claims that only 15% Crimeans voted to join Russia.   What he does not show you is the observers from other countries that were there, 100’s: Crimean status referendum, 2014.    This ‘journalist’ even states that Putin took down the post that proves this from his own website.  The kicker is, the ‘journalist’ has NO screen capture of this and NO link to prove his propaganda.  He claims that he got the source from a Ukrainian.  Ukraine has no govt, it is LAWLESS.   This ‘journalist’  also states that there were ‘no observers’ at the Crimean vote/referendum.   FACT: There were over 100 observers.


And, since Crimea voted to join Russia, there have been no deaths.  Since John McCain, Obama, Soros, Nuland installed a government by coup in Ukraine (same thing they did in Egypt and Libya but failed in Syria) there has been nothing but DEATH.  And, Americans, both conservative (pseudo cons) and leftists did not even cover the massacre the other night in Odessa.  Even Fox news called the massacre “a disturbance.”  In my world, we call this genocide denial.

Take a listen to a neutral journalist who said the Crimeans were HAPPY to join RU: You can listen to an interview with Manuel OchsenreiterDownload audio file

NOW: Take a good look at EU/US “Democracy” (below) & then state your propaganda, which seems to come SO natural for so many Americans and Europeans now since they are stuck in 1985 regarding Russia.  America and EU cannot face the facts that THEY are the Communists, now.

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The death toll from the massacre in Odessa’s House of Trade Unions is said to be 116, not 46, as it was reported earlier. Some were burned alive, others suffocated in toxic smoke, some others jumped to their deaths out of the windows of the burning building, or were shot in the head. On May 6th, Odessa held the first funeral ceremony for the victims of the terrible tragedy.

At this point, if you are anti Russian, you ARE pro-NAZI.  Deal with your ugly self.

Ukrainian government brought to you by war mongering bastard, John McCain. FACT.