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SCOTUS Kagan Foaming At The Mouth Over Christians Praying. Real Killjoy

Christians will have a right to pray in government buildings in Greece, NY.

Not only Kagan, but Ginsberg and Breyer.  Three Communist “Jews.”  Larry, Moe and Curly…  When have Christians stopped Jews from praying here in the states?  Christians support Jews but many (not all) Jews don’t support Christians.  How does that make sense and what kind of Mitzvah is that??   Kagan is using the argument that prayer is being insensitive to Secularism.  Excuse me, but the secularists have zero tolerance with the Christians not the vs versa.  That’s a fact. 

Go eat crow, old bat.  You Commies days are numbered.  People are sick and tired of being pushed around by ungodly, pro-homo-fascist, baby-killing freaks.  It’s OK that Kagan is openly gay, but not OK for Christians to pray.   Get a grip, totalitarians.  Go back to the days of “Live and let live.”  Ugly Lesbian rant here..