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Serbia Joins Russia In Fight Against Anti Russian Western Propaganda & Sanctions

Since Serbia has joined the Russians, I am 100% with both countries.

Some of you do not know about Serbia and what NATO did to them in the late 1990’s.  Long/short: NATO bombed their country into oblivion for 72 days.  The heroic, Christian Serbs were fighting radical Islamics who were burning their churches and chopping off the heads of Serbian Christians.  The radical Islamics lied to the west and claimed that many thousands of Muslims died at the hands of the Serbs and were buried in the forest.  The west, with Bill Clinton in charge believed the radicals over Christians (Typical leftist.) Turns out that there was a little over 50 Muslim radicals who were buried.  Some believe that it was an ethnic war.. At any rate:

Bosnian immigrant charged with lying about alleged war crimes  NBC…

Serbia was an ally of the United States during WW1 and WW2.  They saved approximately 500 American flyers during WW2.  A Serb civilian said, with tears in his eyes regarding the NATO annexation of Serbia:  “The last time I saw American planes over our skies, they were on their way to bomb German targets.”

The story here: Russia Thanks Serbia for Support… Junta Orders Mobilisation (Again! For the THIRD Time!)… Maidan Terrorists to Join Junta Forces

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I stand with the Serbs and the Russians because, as usual:   NATO, EU/USA is in the wrong.   I refuse to stand in the wrong.  “My country, right or wrong but still my country” does not apply at this point in time.  A true patriot calls out its country when it has gone rogue.

An art collage from November 2013