Serbia Joins Russia In Fight Against Anti Russian Western Propaganda & Sanctions

Serbia Joins Russia In Fight Against Anti Russian Western Propaganda & Sanctions

Since Serbia has joined the Russians, I am 100% with both countries.

Some of you do not know about Serbia and what NATO did to them in the late 1990’s.  Long/short: NATO bombed their country into oblivion for 72 days.  The heroic, Christian Serbs were fighting radical Islamics who were burning their churches and chopping off the heads of Serbian Christians.  The radical Islamics lied to the west and claimed that many thousands of Muslims died at the hands of the Serbs and were buried in the forest.  The west, with Bill Clinton in charge believed the radicals over Christians (Typical leftist.) Turns out that there was a little over 50 Muslim radicals who were buried.  Some believe that it was an ethnic war.. At any rate:

Bosnian immigrant charged with lying about alleged war crimes  NBC…

Serbia was an ally of the United States during WW1 and WW2.  They saved approximately 500 American flyers during WW2.  A Serb civilian said, with tears in his eyes regarding the NATO annexation of Serbia:  “The last time I saw American planes over our skies, they were on their way to bomb German targets.”

The story here: Russia Thanks Serbia for Support… Junta Orders Mobilisation (Again! For the THIRD Time!)… Maidan Terrorists to Join Junta Forces

00 anti-us baba. 05.05.14

I stand with the Serbs and the Russians because, as usual:   NATO, EU/USA is in the wrong.   I refuse to stand in the wrong.  “My country, right or wrong but still my country” does not apply at this point in time.  A true patriot calls out its country when it has gone rogue.

An art collage from November 2013

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  2. Crucial investigation into the role of the junta in the Odessa massacre

    TRANSLATION. If I get a translated script will send. Meanwhile, it’s a MUST READ.

    Translated transcript:

    There are lots of photos and videos of what was going on in the city on Friday and there are lots of details attracting special attention. Information to consider is quite enough for full investigation. It was taken by Pavel Ptshelkin.

    At the very height of punitive action in the country when tensions in Russian-speaking Odessa reached the top level –there was a football match. “Metallist” from Harkov was playing with “”Chernomorets”, Odessa. Several thousand ultras of both teams came to the city. These fans are nationalists, proponents of Maidan and they get a permission to march along the streets of Odessa in support of united Ukrain. They gathered here, near Sobornaya Square. Meanwhile from Alexandrovsky Avenue towards them there moved a group of well-equipped young men armed with batons and reinforcement. Many of these wear “Georgian bands” but the main distinctive feature – all of them have a mark made of red scotch on the sleeve. The authorities called them pro-Russian militants but it seems somebody needed everybody to believe it. And lots of eyewitnesses made these very conclusions.

    And here is the first strange thing and “mismatch” with junta’s official version. The same red marks were on the sleeves of some policemen. The most interesting thing is it was where these policemen stayed that the “break” of “separatists” to the members of the march happened.

    Here we can see the red marks on the sleeves of the attackers and nearby – the same bands on the sleeves of the policemen in cordon. The number of attackers is much smaller than the members of the march and it’s obvious they are not going to disperse them. They haven’t got enough power. But it is that very place where the break happened and another small group separated. What for? Soon it became quite obvious. They seduced a crowd of fans and succeed. Here the members of the march crying:

    Fifty people – that’s… that means we can get them from side-lane, there’s few of them…

    The crowd changes the direction of movement and drives into Grecheskaya street. The main collisions happened over there. And here we can also see lots of strange things. The police chains part letting the attackers through and close down again. There are stones from both sides. Here we see a man with a red band on the sleeve – he starts firing from the roof. And it was here where the first people were killed. The guns were on both sides but here is a strange frame – the militant firing and a policeman is behind him. The bloggers recognized the deputy police head Dmitry Fuchedze. And here he is surrounded by those with red bands before the collision. And here he is walking with a group of those people to the place where the collisions with the members of the march happened.

    And here – according to his chevron – an officer of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs is obviously instructing the attackers with red bands.

    “You should clearly understand what each unit is doing. They ran and ran. Where they ran? Look, every time there are some problems”

    But it is much more difficult to believe in these pictures – here a man in a bullet-proof vest starts firing the members of the march straight from behind the policemen. And now it becomes quite clear – the main aim is to infuriate the crowd of fans and Maidan proponents.

    Why? It became clear further when the attackers with red bands immediately left and a furious crowd aiming to Kulikovo Pole where the camp of protestors to current authorities is situated. These protestors were still there and for several months the authorities couldn’t afford to tackle with them. Naturally no people with red bands were in the camp. There on watch were some some dozens of activists. Trying to escape from the crowd they barricaded themselves in the building of Trade-unions.

    And now some words about those in the crowd. Thousands of fans accustomed to street battles – according to the plan – were likely to become cannon fodder. According to the police staff there in the crowd were two battalions of police – “East” and “Storm” recently staffed with nationalists from Right Sector in civil clothes.

    According to surprising coincidence just that very day in Odessa there appeared a former commandant of Maidam Andrei Parubiy. The police appeared here after an hour and the fire-brigade – after the police. That means there was a sign to make a pause. The leader is Parubiy. He was in Odessa yesterday and the day before yesterday. Everything was going on under his control.

    And here is one more character. A man in a bullet-proof vest surrounded by clearly non-civil companions is falsely complaining to somebody about the attackers. He is clearly working for Ukrainian TV camera.

    “They are armed, they are aggressively inclined, they have got pyrotechnics. My four guys are wounded and me too”.

    He is clearly lying that he is not armed. Here he is near the flaming building of Trade-unions – he is firing not to let people seeking shelter in the building to climb out of the windows.

    This man is called Micola and he is a leader of one of hundreds Maidan fighters. It has recently arrived in Odessa. It is well known that Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs later announced that people who died in that building fired themselves because it is impossible to throw a bottle to the third floor. This cynical statement is easily disapproved. Here is what one of the survived told in his blog:

    Meanwhile there was a message the maidans are breaking through the other corridor… how did they happen to get there… I ran there and helped to block the door. In the corridor I met two girls – they tried to move an old iron safe. I helped them to move it to the door, blocking. While I moved it and blocked there came a white-green smoke from under the door… the air from my lungs was kicked out at once. One moment I thought I would choke…

    In other words the Maidan fighters were also inside the building. Here they demonstrate the Ukrainian flag in the window followed by the crowd approval. And here are other pictures made some minutes later. You can see that in that very window at the 3d floor the fire starts. At that very moment the governor Vladimir Nemirovsky actually gives the fighter the licence for murder:

    “The actions of Odessa inhabitants aimed at neutralization and detention of armed terrorists are considered to be valid”

    As we have already told the majority of those who came to fire the building of Trade-unions were not from Odessa but inside the building they were all odessits. The fighters from Right Sector were the first to enter the building and they started at once to seek for the documents of the dead. Later the Ukrainian propagandists tried to lie stating the dead had Russian passports. These passports were in the Internet and the lie was easily destroyed – the same passports with the same family names appeared in a message on 16 April concerning alleged Russian diversionists.

    April 2 in Odessa the people were burned alive and those who tried to escape were finished off with sticks. Besides as it appeared later among the dead there were lots of people with gunshot wounds. And moreover the police even didn’t think to interfere. All in all the facts lead to one conclusion. The reason of this tragedy in Odessa is a provocation in order to disperse and arrest the members of a numerous protests on the Kulikovo Pole against acting authorities. The fans were just used for this. On both sides there were skilful instigators. Considering all in all there was hardly anyone to plan the massacre but the crowd excited by the blood and impunity couldn’t stop.


  4. Crucial investigation into the role of the junta in the Odessa massacre

  5. Had given the translated script. BLOCKED by wordpress whores. sucking 0bama’s cock.

  6. Putin has not forgotten what happened to Yugoslavia and especially Serbia.
    China has not forgotten either that its embassy was bombed, DELIBERATELY by slick willy clinton — America’s First Communist potus.
    Neither has Germany forgotten.
    Nor the Vatican.

  7. Sanctions? What sanctions? Brainwashed by CNN, Reuters, AFP anglosaxon lemmings were also foxed by Fox.
    Did Filthy, very, very ugly Terrorist America’s sanctions on Iran worked? We are talking about 30 years of sanctions. And North Korea? But this is America. Whose sanctions on Iraq saw 500,000 children under 5 die. Terrorist America’s bitch Albright defended the Murder of Iraq’s children. And its people kept singing: god bless America. Oblivious to the fact that God Curses them, daily.

    China has warned the US and opposed sanctions on Russia. German industry key men are aghast at losing 70 billion trade. America is SO stupid, it is utterly unbelievable mind blogging. America’s oil giant ExxonMobil and Russian state energy major Rosneft ARE continuing to develop hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic .
    BP and Royal Dutch Shell, among others, whose top executives have made recent pilgrimages to Moscow to meet with Putin and make sure the sanctions don’t affect their activities in Russia.
    Interestingly, Japan was against sanctions until America’s bitch (America breeds bitches and witches galore) Susan Rice strong arm twisting saw Abe only Partially relenting , in typical Asian style, “ to help de-escalate tensions around Ukraine” and then in the next breath “Japan’s decision is aimed at maintaining strategic relations, political dialogue and economic cooperation with Russia.”
    Figure that out, US dumbos.

    And then, you have BRICS. Already, China, Russia, Iran, India, Brazil, South Africa have agreed billions in transaction with Gold, Barter, or in their individual currencies.

    Meanwhile, Amerikaners can prepare themselves to wallow deeper in Poverty Shit. Deservedly so for electing Scumbags in your country .

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