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Bring In More F’n Illegals! Mexican Cartels Hired MS-13 To Carry Out Torture Operations In MN


Honestly, is there any country that is acting more insane than our country at home and abroad?  Illegals are already a menace, they are ILLEGAL.  Meaning: Not here legally.   Yet, we just keep allowing them to come on in with their diseases, kids, bacteria, tacos and now torture.  What the hell more do people need before they wake the hell up??  See this story!!!  More here: MS-13 Cartel Enforcers Kidnap & Torture Two Youths In St. Paul, Minnesota

America used to be a land of great opportunity, but now its a land of insanity and borderline fascism.  Stay in your own country. We can’t afford you, we’re too busy paying to continue wars and killing everyone.  You really want to come here? They’ll kill you morons too.  Bank on it.  STAY HOME.