An art collage from August 2013

Just resting…. P. AsheDina, TMJ  C. 2013

This is an old painting that I edited and changed, added elements from the net and so forth.  It is actually 2 paintings layered into one.

So, here I am and they have taken me off the anti biotics for the C-Diff to see if it is still there.  I told them it is, but who listens to the patient…!?   Still my tummy is gurgling, diarrhea is still present and some gas.  I hope I don’t relapse.  A relapse would be worse.  But, I have to stay off of the anti biotic to see how I have progressed against this awful disease.

I am still so tired. And, so you all know, I am moving my blog and Grumpy Elder is going to host me. We will be moved in a couple of weeks, probably.  Im not in a huge hurry because I sleep a lot on account of the C-Diff..  Hopefully, I will have ‘Disqus’ added to the blog so people can comment freely and not end up in the spam.  But, most people dont like to comment here because QV calls out our hypocrisy.  The truth sucks.  But, it will free your mind!  You can bank on that.

A song….