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FINALLY! GOP Grill Kapo, Victoria Nuland Over Support Of Ukrainian Nazis & Fascists

Must be Russian propaganda that Nuland is being grilled……!

We’ve been telling you this.  You didn’t believe us.  But now the GOP is grilling Nuland for supporting NAZIs in Ukraine. Is it political theater?  Where is John McCain? Why is HE not lambasted?

Take note idiot, Liberal Jews:  It is not your beloved ‘g’od, the Democrat party who is demanding why this Kapo hag is supporting Nazis in Ukraine.  So, keep voting in these wacko, Jew-hating pieces of trash.  In my opinion, ALL Jews should register non Partisan or Independent.  By the way…Nuland is a Jew. (BARF)

Video hat tip: @defendressofsan

I have been right about the Ukrainian situation from the get-go. Why people did not believe me over this LYING media is beyond me…

Nuland in Ukraine:

With Nazi Svoboda Party member, Oleh Tyanbok on the left.  Tyanbok is aligned with “Right Sector” & Yatsenyuk.  They are FASCISTS.

Here he is at a Nazi convention:

Photos are not “Russian propaganda.”  You’re all just a bunch of Russia-haters, that’s all.  You’re stuck in 1985, to the point of taking us into a nuclear war in Ukraine. THAT is insanity.  Enough with YOUR propaganda.