U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” (RT) Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

Unless Russia DOES do something in Ukraine, more people will die and misery will ensue. Of course, people being shot in Ukraine is nothing much to the average American person who can carry a gun.   Remember now, SENATOR Obama signed a bill that disarmed Ukrainians-Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.  SEE: UK Mail Online

Violence erupted Friday between Ukrainian military and self-defense forces in the eastern city of Mariupol. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s says 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed and four more were taken captive. Donetsk authorities have different figures, however, saying three people have been killed and 25 injured. Civilians are among the dead and wounded. A freelance journalist working for RT is among those injured, having been seriously injured by a gunshot wound.

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  1. Unarmed civilians were shot and killed by Ukr. militiamen in play daylight this morning,

    in Mariupol.

    Amerikaners must be sooooooooo thrilled, as are their AngloSaxon Evil.

  2. American analyst and antiwar activist Daniel Patrick Welch: «This conflict in Ukraine is the death knell for the UN, along with the IMF/EU/NATO and all the other western organizations which act in concert to try to force billions of people to believe that 2 + 2 = 5. They are the problem, and they have no solutions».
    Welch quotes the well-known Latin American writer and political figure Eduardo Galleano: «It would be strange if the remedy should come from the United States, the same place which brings us the disease»
    Meanwhile, amerikaners sing; god bless america

  3. Instead of gloating, western imbeciles self-delude themselves that Russia has blinked first. Really, has Russia blinked? Or is Russia playing judo/chess game? The Anglosaxons want Russia to invade and trap the bear. Putin is too smart to fall into that pit. Besides, the whole world knows that ALL, well 99.9% anglosaxons are utterly, utterly evil. Read the comments written by those lobotomized cretins in the media/some anglo saxon blogs.

    BUT, out here, we surmise that it is scary to think that the fact that Russian and Chinese leaders. acting in a responsible way actually entices the US to act even more irresponsibly and recklessly. Amerikaners are so damned stupid it is mind boggling. The US has an Illegal Negro Democrat as potus, Can any American tell me
    When is the last time you remember a US President taking upon himself to make a constructive proposal to avoid military action or a way?

    The painful reality: there is no military option for the US/NATO against Russia. Period. Look at the global map, and then go read WWII history. IDIOTS!

  4. Jones must be buckling out of pressure of being called “Commie”, “Soviet sympathizer” etc.
    They can call me this crap until they’re blue in the face.
    Facts are the facts.
    EU/USA govts were behind the Kiev mess in Ukraine since LONG before Nov 2013.

  5. EU/USA govts were behind the Kiev mess in Ukraine since LONG before Nov 2013.

    Since US turned Terrorist/Liar/Communist/Nazi AFTER reneging on Gorbachev when the Soviet Union was disassembled.

    The EVIL of the world springs and stems from AMERICA. SATAN AMERICA.

  6. This is what Putin said:

    The Americans promised Gorbachev that they would not take NATO into Eastern Europe, but the Americans did. The Americans withdrew from the ABM Treaty, which prohibited escalating the arms race with anti-ballistic missile systems. The Americans arranged with Poland to deploy anti-ballistic missile bases on Poland’s border with Russia. The Americans tell us the fantastic lie that the purpose of American missile bases in Poland is to protect Europe from non-existent Iranian ICBMs. The Americans change their war doctrine to elevate nuclear weapons from a retaliatory deterrent to a pre-emptive first strike force. The Americans pretend that this change in war doctrine is directed at terrorists, but we know it is directed at Russia. The Americans have financed “color revolutions” in Georgia and Ukraine and hope to do so in the Russian Federation itself. The Americans support the terrorists in Chechnya. The Americans trained and equipped the Georgian military and gave it the green light to attack our peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The Americans have financed the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine and blame me for the anxiety this caused among Crimeans who on their own volition fled Ukraine and returned to Russia from whence they came. Even Gorbachev said that Khrushchev should never have put Crimea into Ukraine. Solzhenitsyn said that Lenin should not have put Russian provinces into eastern and southern Ukraine. Now I have these Russian provinces agitating to return to Russia, and the Americans are blaming me for the consequences of their own reckless and irresponsible actions.
    The Americans say I want to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Yet, the Americans witnessed me depart from Georgia when I had this former Russian province in my hands, thanks to the short-lived war instigated by the Americans.

    There is no end to the American lies. I have done everything possible to respond to provocations in a low-key reasonable manner, offering to work things out diplomatically, as has my Foreign Minister Lavrov. But the Americans continue to provoke and to hide their provocations behind lies. The Americans brazenly bring to me a strategic threat in Ukraine. They intend to put Ukraine in NATO, the purpose of which expired with the Soviet collapse. They intend to put more missile bases on Russia’s borders, and they intended to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base, its warm water port
    Americans have no intention of working anything out. They intend to subjugate Russia. Washington wants Russia powerless, surrounded with ABM bases that degrade our strategic deterrent to uselessness. These Americans will not work with me. They will not listen to me or to Russia’s Foreign Minister. They only hear their own call for American hegemony over the world. My only alternative is to prepare for war.
    The government of China, having read Washington’s war plans for war against China and being fully away of Washington’s “pivot to Asia,” in which the “indispensable nation” announced its “safe-guarding of peace” by surrounding China with naval and air bases, understands that it has the same Washington enemy as does Russia.”

    What the entire world faces, every country, every individual regardless of their political orientation, is a Washington-engineered confrontation with Russia and China.

  7. President Vladimir Putin’s words on US promise after the Soviet Uniton was dissolved BLOCKED. Please post in full so lobotomised, useless eaters Amerikaners can see the how Evil their nation truly is.

  8. Its Friday night Amerikaners. Here, satiate your vampire appetite for Blood & Gore. Others die, OK. Amerikaners must be entertained with their Colosseum of brutal savagery. BARBARIANS.

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