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U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

Unless Russia DOES do something in Ukraine, more people will die and misery will ensue. Of course, people being shot in Ukraine is nothing much to the average American person who can carry a gun.   Remember now, SENATOR Obama signed a bill that disarmed Ukrainians-Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.  SEE: UK Mail Online

Violence erupted Friday between Ukrainian military and self-defense forces in the eastern city of Mariupol. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s says 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed and four more were taken captive. Donetsk authorities have different figures, however, saying three people have been killed and 25 injured. Civilians are among the dead and wounded. A freelance journalist working for RT is among those injured, having been seriously injured by a gunshot wound.