I want to thank you for standing with me in our fight against WW3 & the evil AmeriKan government.  I am so glad that many people are fighting with us.   I have met quite a few people I would not have normally agreed with in the political spectrum but we have found common grounds on more than a few things.  I am learning how to be a little nicer which is hard for me  😀   But, I have to thank you for that, Lisa …because you are so graceful with opponents. God bless you. 

So, here is something to make you feel better.  I know you are an animal lover like me  🙂



Ha ha ha:


followthewestwind:</p><br />
<p>Cute Bird by Sijanto on Flickr.<br /><br />

gyclli:</p><br />
<p>nice mini water :)<br /><br />



(Pictures from Pinterest)

Isnt this song so true now????

And, NO song is better than this tune regarding our lives:

Godspeed, Lisa.