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Ukraine CLAIMS “Terrorists” Stole 100K Pre-Marked Ballots. Either Way, Big Turnout In Favor Of Russia

Before Ukraine was named “Ukraine”, it was called “Little Russia.”



  • Let’s note who the real terrorists are:  Ukrainian Nazi’s who murdered countless fellow Ukrainians & burned them alive & the MSM reported nothing, even smaller ‘conservative’ blogs said zero:  News for Odessa massacre, 2014

Now, let’s take a look at today’s News from Zero Hedge: CLICK

Zero says that Ukrainian forces seized these ‘terrorists’.. The kicker here is:

These men have detained by Ukraine’s anti-terrorist operations without firing one shot

Men laying down with bags on their head proves it… right?

Sorry, I ain’t buying the Ukrainian NAZI propaganda..

Especially since USSA is involved in Ukraine and all our government does is lie:  400 plus US mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ in Ukraine military op 

Until our government tells the truth, I will suspect them in EVERY evil scenario, at home and abroad..and I am not alone, most of the world stands with me.