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Claims That Russia Tampered With Ukrainian Vote, If It Did, Where Did This Tape Originate?

You have 2 sides in this conflict:  The side that does not want to join the Stalinist NATO and the side that is Nazi.

    There were hundreds of observers in the Donetsk region referendum from other countries.  Would they just have allowed this to happen as so many people are anti Russian including observers who helped count the vote?   At any rate, the vote was projected to be 70% in favor of staying with Russia against the EU.  It is said that 90% plus have voted ‘yes.’

This Youtube uploader uploaded this video 4 days ago:

And, this one with a picture:

We didn’t post this to ‘trip you up’, we posted it because we’re trying to be as honest as we can.

Hat tip: CAUGHT ON TAPE>>> Russia Tells Donetsk Puppets Breakaway Vote Should Come Out to 89% – Final Vote Comes Out to 89%