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Scottish Officials Condemn USA/EU Support for Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

[Mark Hirst speaking outside the Scottish Parliament at the return of the William Wallace “safe conduct” letter.] 
His Twitter page:

Mark Hirst @Documark

SO…..Just more “Russian propaganda”, right??  Seems that all the nations of the world that are still halfway decent can see what the USA/EU cabal is up to.. OR, they are the only ones who desire the truth as ugly as it is.

EDINBURGH, May 12 (RIA Novosti), Mark Hirst – Western leaders do not know what they are doing by backing neo-Nazis who overthrew the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) leader Colin Fox has told RIA Novosti.  “There is a history there, in that part of the world, where the Nazis invaded Ukraine and some people collaborated with them and other people, rather more nobly, resisted the Nazis,” Fox said. “You are seeing the remnants and the explosion of that today, a deep seated hatred,” Fox told RIA Novosti.

“I think the so-called West has been backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine for some time and then they toppled the democratically elected president of Ukraine,” added Fox, who is also a board member of the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign.

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Why America and Europe wants to support Neo-NAZIs is beyond me.  The only thing I can think, is that they believe Russia is a Communist country and is still KGB operated – which it is not.   The KGB has been out of commission for a quarter of a century.  In all actuality, you can look back and see that the Russians have not ever really been aggressive against America in present history.   We were brainwashed to believe they were the enemy.  What did they ever do to us?  Nothing.

Our Stasi-style, Marxist government has been our enemy for decades.

But this news is no surprise…America has a dirty, little secret.. It’s government has had 7 decades of NAZI collaboration.  (I don’t like Paul Rosenberg at all, but this post is accurate minus discrepancies which you will have to sift through yourself. I’m not your Mother..)


American phony conservatives like John McCain promote NAZIs in Ukraine.  Deal with it.  Sucks, but its true.  This is why John McCain MUST go.