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US Media Completely Ignores RU/Vladimir Putin’s Plan For Peace In Ukraine Because They LOVE Bloodshed

The American government absolutely loves war, blood, terrorists and Nazi’s.

Putin: WAY too hot to be a dictator.

Why should we have expected that the American, state-run media would have reported something positive about Vladimir Putin?? According to the MSM Conservatives and Liberals, Putin is still the KGB king, a xeno-phobe, an evil, slobbering monster who keeps children locked up in the gulags of Southern Russia.  We are not ‘rah rah rah’ Russia-supporters here as much as we are anti-US meddling all over the planet.


On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal for ending the violence in Ukraine at an OCSE (Organization for the Cooperation and Security in Europe) in Moscow. Unfortunately, most Americans never heard what he had to say because the media failed to publish his statement. The reason for the omission is fairly obvious, the media doesn’t want people to know that Putin is not the ghoulish, authoritarian caricature he’s portrayed to be, but a levelheaded pragmatist who wants a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis. Here is what he said:

“We think the most important thing now is to launch direct dialogue, genuine, full-fledged dialogue between the Kiev authorities and representatives of southeast Ukraine. This dialogue could give people from southeast Ukraine the chance to see that their lawful rights in Ukraine really will be guaranteed.”

Does that sound like a bloodthirsty “KGB thug” who’s driven by dreams of territorial expansion and empire-building or does it sound like a responsible leader who wants to facilitate a cease-fire until cooler heads prevail?

The whole story: Right here  (Not in total agreement with this website, cant stand Trotskyite, Noam Chomsky) but excellent article.

And, let me make myself clear about something:  “Russia Today” is an independent Russian website, it is not state run as “Voice of Russia” is.  I do not approve of their constant slander of Israel.  They NEVER look on the other side of the Israeli/Pali issue.  For that, they do not have my approval. There ARE two sides to every story. That’s all.