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Insane Ed Shultz: “Gays Suffered The Most During The Holocaust” NO, Many Were In Hitlers NAZI Party

Ed Shultz is a dumb shit.

AND, “Gay” is the new black.  Say something about the militant freaks and they’ll make sure you are fired from your job and then ostracize you from public life.  Now, when some Jews try to defend themselves against Shultz’s dumb remark, they’ll probably ostracize Jews.   Glad MY family never got involved in far, left-wing, asshat politics.  

Click here to read Eileen’s story about Ed Shultz’s insanity.



BOOK-The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party
By Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams
Documents the homosexual and occultic roots of the Nazi movement in Germany. Much has been written about Nazi persecution of homosexuals. Yet, many Nazis were homosexuals themselves, and the so-called persecution was merely one faction using the state to suppress the other faction or was unrelated to their being homosexual.