An art collage from May 2014

Rock On Gold Dust Woman.. By TMJ, P. AsheDina  C. 2014

 This is in tribute to artiste’, Jean Gabriel Domergue.  I mixed her with elements from the net.  I love this artist.  She reminds me of that song “Gold Dust Woman” – Fleetwood Mac.

Here is the song…

I was never really a Fleetwood Mac fan, but a few of their songs, I did like.  This is one also:

Hope you liked it.. Anyway, I am getting over the C-Diff.  I am getting better because I went off the anti biotics and now on plus faith in God…   It’s the ONLY thing that is healing me from this dastardly disease.  I highly recommend this product to anyone that is sick with a heavy duty disease.  Take LOTS.  If ever you like my Digi-art, you can email me: and I can canvas it and make it a giclee for you.