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Ukrainian COUP Lie Obama’s W.H. Says “No Ethics Issues” W/ Biden’s Son (Ukraine Gas Co)

When does this administration ever tell the truth??  Not a ‘smidgen of corruption’, eh?

White House On Biden’s Son Joining Ukraine Gas Giant – No Ethical Issues Here (Yes, and there are bridges in Brooklyn for sale)

This is the most corrupt administration in our history.  Now that the Farce Is Complete & Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer..

A coup happened in Ukraine, courtesy of John McCain etc.. But, its always Putins fault.  Never the traitors in our own government?  Biden just happens to have a son who is going to be working with Ukrainian gas but this is all a ‘conspiracy theory…’  NOT.

What conservatives will come and admit that they were 100% WRONG regarding the US/EU lead Ukraine Coup?  Which one of you will have enough balls to apologize for putting me through a bunch of liberal, psychological bs?  I told you over and over:  Ukraine is Egypt, Libya and Syria.  How come you only believe its bad when it’s the Muslims???  These sonofabitches who have hijacked the govt of Ukraine are NAZIS AND FASCISTS.   Just as bad as Muslim Jihadists.   You should be ashamed of yourselves.   I got kicked off of ‘conservative’ forums and treated horrible for researching and telling the truth re the McCain lead Coup in Kiev.   I got called a “Putin sympathizer, Putin’s slut, Russian propagandist.” You bastards can go FUCK YOURSELVES.  

You just want to believe that America is great and it ISN’T anymore.  A TRUE patriot calls out it’s governments evil actions when they have gone rogue.  This is NOT my America…And, if its yours, please don’t talk to me anymore.

Deal with your ugly selves…THIS is what you helped put in power with your Obama/McCain propaganda from HELL:

By the way:  The “KGB” Vladimir Putin wins, you LOSE.  Calling him Hitler.. Sick jerks.  The Russians FOUGHT the Nazis you MORONS!  Stop criticizing him when our own country is in the shitter.  HYPOCRITES!!!

vladmir putin animated GIF

I told you the same thing about Syria and it took most of you a YEAR to catch up.  Get a grip.  Suspect everything.