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China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

Another country we are screwing with.. And, how much do we OWE them?  This is not how a debtor treats a creditor. What’s next, propagandists? That the Chinese prez is the worlds biggest dictator??

The war machine must make money.  They just can’t leave people be, can they?   Now, Obama is being told by China to get lost.  Obama is the most hated CIC ever.  I’ve never seen such an outcry from so many people here and abroad.  And, this phony ran as an ‘anti-war’ candidate.  Can you imagine how many moderate-type Liberals who are anti-war must feel about this idiots betrayal?  Americans are going to have to unite together and throw the trash OUT!

It’s not just China-Here is Obama burned in India:

PA 9741936 The best Barack Obama burning effigies   Islamists go bonkers for Bonfire Night (photos)



Pakistani protesters burning an effigy of President Obama and an American flag


Yankee Go Home! Posters on the barricades in the People's Republic of Donetsk. #ukraine http://t.co/og0OyIQtkC

The moron and his constituents need to GO!