I’m Sure Putin Is Shaking In His Boots Over W. House New Sanctions-Which Are Hurting US Biz Owners

I’m Sure Putin Is Shaking In His Boots Over W. House New Sanctions.. Which Are Hurting US Biz owners

These sanctions are hurting nobody but American business owners.  Here is a list of business’s effected by Obama’s RU sanctions: (John Deere is getting hurt)  US companies get hurt by sanctions targeting Russia.

I am positive that Putin is laughing his ass off…  The Affirmative action, 1/2 Kenyan experiment sucks this far.  The anti-war candidate is the biggest war monger,  ever.  But, they have to keep Joe Biden’s son in business..

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  2. We are working under the spirit of PNAC, an acronym that should stand for Project for the Nazi American Century. Jeb Bush was one of the original 25 members.
    How can we get outraged at Russia for moving troops within her own borders while we put missiles next to hers? And a separate but perhaps connected question, why do we complain about deployment of troops in her own country while she also has some of her troops in our own?

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    Putin .. 5 feet 7 inches of pure Leader. I feel safer, because Putin is a strategist, and is cautious in his approach to problems, yet very decisive. He will not let the likes of Obama, have any joy.

  4. . The United Stasi of Idiots (America) forgets that Russian rocket engines are used in U.S. launch vehicles, for both military and civilian payloads. In response to America Idiots sanctions, Russia’s Deputy PM stated: “We proceed from the fact that without guarantees that our engines are used for non-military spacecraft launches only, we won’t be able to supply them to the U.S.”


    Meanwhile Germany, Italy and France are thumbing their nose and shaking their fists at Idiot America. Sanctions against Russia do not work. But it hurts their business.

    But what does one do with a Continent of Idiots?

  5. I note that when it is about Russia, Amerikaners become ostrich. No comments?

  6. Like people everywhere, Americans generally believe in what their media and leaders tell them. As to why matters aren’t questioned, you will have to ask social scientists and psychiatrists. I can guess that it is caused by upbringing from youth, implementation of “education” policies prepared by the Rockefeller “Education” Foundation and others, our not being closely surrounded by many other advanced, civilized cultures, not having gone through the brutalities of WW I and WW II on our own territory, and being deceived by a twisted bunch of psychopaths with too much time and money and too few moral principles to deem anyone not of their social class deserving of consideration. In fact, the entire United States is deliberately being destroyed for the NWO, to create a world like North Korea or Downton Abbey, and it is impossible for me to be know whether our continuous failures in all our actions is deliberate or a matter of stupidity.
    That is but a quick, incomplete secular answer, the spiritual side, including prophetic fulfillment, is another book.

  7. Good Question marblenecltr, I guess Neither of those Two, My Guess Its is own Jelzin Vodka…(Collector).
    That tell somehow a bit more about Putin and his view on his own people not to go deeper into the Plague that is alcoholism in Russia, by the excuse of a Patriotic Act of buying the Putin Vodka..

  8. Like people everywhere, Americans generally believe in what their media and leaders tell them

    Sorry to break your bubble . India just showed the way to rid of lying media, corrupt leaders, and crushed its leftists. But then Indians have guts. Amerikaners do not.

  9. Our mass media is totally controlled by a few families, and we have a two-party system as opposed to who knows how many party system in India. I don’t know how or even if India had and overcame a controlled mass media. All that aside, do you have any positive suggestions for us that haven’t been expressed by MJ and commenters? Much of the information you have provided needs to be heard.

  10. Our mass media is totally controlled by a few families, and we have a two-party system as opposed to who knows how many party system in India. I don’t know how or even if India had and overcame a controlled mass media. All that aside, do you have any positive suggestions for us that haven’t been expressed by MJ and commenters? Much of the information you have provided needs to be heard


    Guts. And Nationalism. And Religion.
    India was under horrific Mughal Rule for 762 years. And 250 years under British Murder & Plunder Rule. BUT Indians, namely Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, never gave up their religion. Their priests guarded the sacred scriptures by any and all means.

    The last decade under the rule of the Nehru- Gandhi- Vatican- Opus Dei – dynasty – i.e . the Vatican’s whore Sonia Maino Gandhi and her two children – Rahul and Priyanka who married Robber Robert Vadra plundered India of its wealth while allowing muslim immigration into India , especially Bangladeshis – some 20 million to date – allowing them First Option to use all the facilities and resources available, commit atrocities against natural Indians, more so if they happened to be Hindus, and reducing Hindus to be 2nd class citizens in their own country. Why? For the muslim votes. Hindus, especially Brahmins, were barred or hindered from gaining employment. And Hindus are the majority in the Sub Continent. They had their own traitors who sold them out. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains found themselves severely marginalized in every sector if they were not Congress supporters.
    After 762 years of Muslim Rule, the Sonia Gandhi Congress insisted on ‘reservations’ for muslims. This means, even an illiterate muslim would find a job , while the highly educated degreed Hindu would end up as a street sweeper. Hindus were sidelined at every turn. India became a muslim arselicking nation under this regime. When the Mumbai massacre of 26/11 wiped out the Brains of Mumbai, namely its astute business men/leaders, Congress embarked on platitudes and rhetoric. The US CIA asset masterminded the massacre including the brutal murder and mutilation of Mumbai Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka. 8 months pregnant at the time, Rivka was gang raped, mutilated by America’s darling muslims under the supervision of its CIA asset/agent Daoud Gilani aka David Bradley . America, like Britain, stands with Pakistan. First, the British cut fertile land Punjab into two and created Pakistan. Second, in all the three wars with Pakistan, America declined to send any weapons or military aid to India, but sent warships of artillery and ammunition to Pakistan, their beloved muslim state. The same America did with Israel. America loves, arselicks, adores, worships muslims. After 9/11 they made the Saudi Arse the Triumph of Worship. Am I not correct?
    The suspicion that Congress worked with the CIA and its darling muslim jihadists together with the Pakistanis cannot be discounted. Mumbai is in the State of Maharashtra. Whose CM , a very devout and aggressive Hindu of the Shiv Sena Party locked horns with Congress. What better way than to damage that Financial Hub and massacre 166 of its brains? The Western press whores label the Shiv Sena (Shiv’s Army) party as a party of Hindu militants, writing volumes of oh what would happen to their darling muslims when every terrorist attack (99% of them) is from the muslim jihadists. In Western eyes, they adopt the muslim quranic edict: Only muslims should live. All others must die. Isn’t that what your leaders in the West are doing to you westerners?
    Not a single law was passed against terrorism by Congress- best friend of Terrorist America. When captured Indian soldiers were beheaded by Pakistan, the bitch insisted that non-violence/non retaliation would demonstrate India’s “strength”. Whenever and wherever possible, the Sonia Gandhi Congress appeased, encouraged muslim jihad activity in India. With the CIA leading from behind.

    Take the state of Kerala. Today, it has a sparse Hindu population. Kerala has been successfully divided into Muslim and Roman Catholicism. The Vatican rules Kerala. ALL prime land in India is owned by the Vatican. Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia was allowed to buy 200,000 crore land in Himachal Pradesh for a pittance. He was given carte blanche land purchase all over India.
    He is called a ‘businessman’ with no business to show. Except looting. And being a partner with Congress in the many scams that d Indian taxpayers were later burdened with.

    Negationism of Indian history, its past, its Hindu ethos, was degraded in the curriculum in Indian schools. Western funded ‘researchers’ and ‘historians’ maligned Hinduism, Indian origin of thought and invention. The Vedas, the Upanishads, appropriated by the West – from Britain, Germany to America, but taught to Indian schoolchildren that such wisdom of the ancients was degrading and derogative. The Congress engaged leftists in the media that is reminiscent of America’s media whores: if a Hindu is attacked, killed, nichts. But, should a muslim be hurt, the media hyenas go into full throttle of lies for the hindu and laments for the muslim

    So. How did India now trounce and wipe out its pseudo-secularism, its leftist media, its muslim arselicking Congress, its traitors who now quiver and shiver for the restatement of the Rule of Law which will be implemented?

    One man, devout Hindu Narendra Modi, from the State of Gujarat, worked with Hindu Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They were labeled Hindu terrorists. Hindu militancy. Under Congress, the current state of Hindus in India, it was obvious and crystal clear that it had become a fashion to abuse Hindus, Hindu leaders and anything to do with Hinduism; anyone can get away with it. The West aided in this demonisation of Hinduism. Modi galvinised the tired Hindus to overcome the fatigue. The Hindu youth (numbering some almost 800 million) trounced Congress in the recent elections which was in fact a verdict of the Cornered Hindu.

    When the BJP lost in the 2009 elections, it was Narendra Modi, who almost single-handedly galvinised devout hindu leaders and targeted Hindu youth to first conquer their ‘defeated, hopeless’ mentality . He had made backward, in the dumps Gujarat into a thriving, accerlating at fast pace industrial state. His singular success in Gujarat was to improve roads, get power plants, and provide access to drinking water for every single village and town in the state; a process that much helped improve overall economic growth.
    Achieved by a lack of corruption. And he did it with good governance and transparency
    Modi would now apply that model of “development and governance” in his campaign.
    It resonated strongly with voters who were frustrated with the absence of both jobs and roads in India. Anti-corruption, anti-incumbency, jobs, roads, toilets, no gifts, no bribes, Agrarian reforms (Congress allowed America’s Mass Murderer Monsanto into the country for $$ into Congress/Sonia’s coffers but saw the deaths of thousands of farmers all over ) good governance, transparency, and above all, to bring back to India ALL the wealth looted by India’s Congress members/oligarchs. Already Subramaniam Swamy has a dossier of the banks, amounts held by Sonia Gandhi and her children, and the members of Congress Loot Gang.

    On Leftist Media. It is no secret that India’s famously liberal media absolutely detests Modi and everything he stands for (industrialization being a particular bugbear for left-leaning journalists). This is actually good news for India itself: a strong government confronted with a skeptical media cannot be a bad thing for any country.
    Can Modi as prime minister achieve for India even half of what he did for Gujarat as chief minister? Its not going to be easy but it appears possible. The one truism throughout India is that expectations for a new government to deliver have never been higher. The other truism is that for India’s tilt to the right to actually bear out.

    Personally I don’t think Amerikaners are up to taking back their country. Sorry. A sincere, god fearing leader can not do it alone.

  11. QV:

    Myself and a VERY FEW know that America is deserving the judgment and wrath of the almighty.
    I try to concentrate on OTHER countries now.
    I look at the wimpy men here and it makes me sick

    I was fortunate enough to have been raised by a really strict, mean, honest Grandmother. Not everyone my age has had that fortune.
    I know when something is over.
    It is OVER here in America.

    America is a banana republic now, where the ‘leaders’ keep everyone thinking everything is AOK, When everything is falling apart. They do that to keep their pockets fat. Thats exactly what they do in the 3rd world.

    I live up in the mountains and woods and everyone here is OLD. Old and white–no real industry.
    I carry guns when I go to the city because the cities are filled with foreigners.

    America is a dangerous place.
    NOBODY is going to ‘take back’ this country—if they were serious, they would have done something the DAY Obama got in, 2008.

  12. NOBODY can take back America because Americans do not want their country. They were given a Republic but preferred ‘democracy’ – the worst form of govt. They allowed their brains to turn to mush. In the process, they surrendered their very life to the govt. The rest is what is current in America.

  13. That is correct QV.

    The ONLY ‘hope’ I have (a little) is when the dollar collapses. Americans care about $$$ more than anything.
    THEN, they will storm the bastille..

  14. THEN, they will storm the bastille.

    Methinks they’ll be rounded and ferried in convoys to FEMA camps.

    King Louis XVi did not build FEMA camps for his wife’s ‘let them eat cake’ starving

    So progressive, oh so democracy, human rights America did. Rottweiler guards are waiting to unleash their sadistic tendencies on the coming inmates. I understand some of the camps have guillotines.

  15. We’ll see, QV.
    I dont know what the future holds.

    But, that is my belief: The only time they’ll storm the place is when they are flay broke

  16. Its sad that the American people allowed their own downfall. With the NSA* spying/monitoring, surveillance of every American, with the NDAA passing an executive order to shoot Americans suspected to be ‘terrorists’ , with 0bama having his own private army, with the American people who refused to million-march-protest against the sacking of more than 250 US Generals and top military officials by the 0bama regime, with the majority of Americans who rely on Oathkeepers, fellow patriots to do the fighting, with the majority of Americans refusing to acknowledge the FEMA incarceration camps, there is no unity, only division and disinterest among the American people. They remind me of sheep grazing contentedly , head down eating grass while the trucks have arrived to herd them to FEMA camps.
    *At a recent debate concerning the National Security Agency’s bulk surveillance programs, former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden admitted that metadata is used as the basis for killing people.
    Yes, we can argue that Americans are armed. But when one reads of the 0bama regime having recently purchased 1.5 Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and 800 million rounds of double-aught shotgun shells. This ammo is designed for one purpose; killing… people. While police and National Guard are having trouble getting their own ammo, this massive arsenal is being distributed via the Dept. of Homeland Security to points unknown. 0bama’s Brown Shirts and Black Panthers , I suspect, are very well trained, and ready to take on ‘dissenters’.

    I read about the American Spring marching to WDC to arrest 0bama. It fizzled poof into hot air. And that will be future of any ‘action’ by Americans with growling stomachs.

  17. How many times, QV…do you tell me not to be sad over this?
    I sit shaking my head many a day.
    But, I have no hope that anything will happen.

    I dont know what this govt will do.
    I dont know what this people will do.

    I have to concern myself with others countries now because people in my own country hate me

  18. The role of the prophet and prophetess is not as joyful as many believe. It is a great responsibility and not given to but a few. America has sinned but other nations have sinned more; we were just given more, so more was expected of us. One may believe this or not, but now is the time of the wrath of the dragon upon the whole earth. The Lord is waiting for us to see Him, repent and call out to Him. Rescue will come during terrible times, Matthew 24, to save the elect, or at least those who are left. One may warn everybody, but we may feel like Jabotinsky (sp.?), without honor for a short while, but finally recognized after having saved those who would listen. One must keep doing what one can and realize that there are many so fearful that they dare not show support.

  19. Yes, we have ALL sinned and fall short.
    The problem is that America has so much firepower and murders at will. Like a sick bully.

    I have always been gifted with the prophetic, that is true.
    NO, its not easy, its hard, but may God strengthen me as the days get more evil

  20. Yes. DO NOT BE SAD. Be like Lot in S&G. Be like Noah who humbly submitted himself to do what he was commanded to do. Be like Job. Impervious to the taunts heaped on him daily.
    But do not be sad. Instead, exult in Psalm 91. Be like the Hebrews who closed the doors marked with the lamb’s blood as the final plague swept over Egypt killing all the first borns of the Egyptians.

    The Buddha said: “Work out your own salvation” using your intuition”

    Shatter the illusions, that America will repent, America will come together, instead walk through the dream awakened, then can you find the auspicious, the peaceful, the pure, a place without fear, without age, without death. For you cannot control what’s happening. Only how you react/respond to what’s happening/what’s to come.

    The first step is ………to let go. This too shall pass……….

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  22. Marble says America has sinned but other nations have sinned more;

    YES. The OTHER nation (no nations, please) is BRITAIN aka the BRITISH EMPIRE.

  23. QV: ALL nations/countries sin.
    The problem is US bulliness.
    US Aggression on everyone.
    The issue is US debauchery and abomination. PAST sin.

  24. Yes, MJ dear. ALL nations sin. But Britain IS noted for hidieous /heinous crimes against humanity in all her colonies that would make Satan shudder in fright!!! America, its colony, is trying to outdo Britain in Crimes Against Humanity.
    We call it 500 years of AngloSaxon Policy of Evil. Imagine 1 million Sataninc sons trying to rule the world with invade, murder, plunder. Filthy lot should be incinerated.

  25. Yep, Britain is pretty damned bad.. But, with some right wingers taking charge, hopefully, something will happen I guess.

  26. Oh, didn’t you know? History is full of the AngloSaxons wanting to kill every living Russian and take over Russia. Now, any AngloSaxon out there, please, do feel free to debate with me. I’d skin you alive.

  27. QV:

    Its the time of the end of the west.
    So, you can take cheer in that.

    God is with Russia, against the west

  28. The United States has been at war with the monarchy of England since 1776, if not before. That is, war without interruption and not realized by most Americans. England’s monarchy had “sleeper cells”, called “loyalists” or “Tories”, and their support of the throne continued to this day. Many such families had positions of authority, such as governorship, under colonial rule, and they were, of course, in conflict with the Puritans and others in favor of a democratic-republic rule. Today, the wealth and deceptions of the monarchies has taken us over, and that power is striving for the NWO. The battles are in Ukraine, Africa, Asia, the Mideast, and spreading to the Western Hemisphere. Who knows where it will succeed and at what cost?

  29. Oh yes MJ. The AngloSaxon empire is crumbling – to dust and ashes. It’s the time of the Silk Road and the Eurasian Union. Out here we hear the gnashing of teeth from the Anglo Saxons. Stupid of them not to realize that the Sun rises in the East.

    God is with Russia because the Russians never gave up God even under 70 years of Communist rule. Putin resurrected the hiding Orthodox Church and brought it back to its glory. The Russian Orthodox Church is more than 1500 years old. A competitor to the most Unholy Roman Catholic Church that likes to be called Empire.

  30. marble, The British ‘empire’ is very much alive and has America under its foot. When 0bama visited Buck’s place, it was rumoured the bitch that passes off as ‘queen’ (she’s illegal and a German) has demanded that America be returned to her. The British monarchy is an absolute Evil Satanic force, especially under Elizabeth II. And her Nazi husband. They demand that 6 billion people be annihilated. In-breeding does that.
    The City of London after all does control America. The British ‘empire’ is not only the enemy of America but the enemy of ALL people on planet earth.

    The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the premier think tank for the UK Ministry of Defense, has concluded, in a book just published, that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were strategic failures while costing the British taxpayer more than £29 billion. According to the Telegraph, the study—which surveys the full range of British military interventions since 1990—found that the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation had helped spread terrorism and led to the deaths of at least 100,000 Iraqis, while making refugees of at least two million. The study concludes:”Far from reducing international terrorism the 2003 invasion [of Iraq] had the effect of promoting it.”
    The bastard from the loins of Jacob Rothschilds Tony Blair has used his influence to hide the Iraq War papers. It was an ILLEGAL War. But the Bushes and the Windsors are best buddies. At one time with Saddam Hussein.

  31. Thank you for your information, QV, you get a gold (not red) star. Your next assignment is critique and addition to what I tried to post yesterday, and will try again today. Possibility-influx of Muslims and sharia to the UK is welcomed because the monarchists can take over a sharia-run government and adapt it to their immediate and distant goals, and any violent combat will be of great help in depopulation as it rids the world of commoners, or at least 6 billion of them. Of course, the monarchists will have to leave their island for a while, perhaps heading for another, so that they will not have to trip over dead bodies. That is a small price to pay for the great contribution to humanity it will provide, at least for those who are left. There is a saying in the US, “The answer to 1984 is 1776.” Have you heard anything like, the answer to 1984 is 1642 or 1648?” I did not write, “1649.”

  32. Muslim hordes invading Britain is the gift from departing Tony Blair, the bastard from Jacob Rothschilds loins. He did better. He legislated all muslim men who have multiple wives are entitled to British benefits and resources. That’s what the scum did because Labour lost the elections. And that’s what we see – muslims are housed in mansions while the Briton who served in Afghanistan returns home and refused a council flat!!
    If you talk of muslims in Britain, you are talking of Wahabbism – Britain always had a weakness for the most hideous crimes against God and Humanity. They copy much from the most unholy Roman Empire’s inquisition. Read the Boer Wars, the Irish famine, the Indian famine, and see Britain ‘s true face.

    On paper, America is supposedly free. In reality, after your independence, Britain worked with the Fifth Column in your country and presto, the lot of you are nothing but serfs and slaves to the British ‘empire’. The Fifth Column are pretty much in charge of your country.

    The British are masters of diplomacy. Your nation is a mere 200+ years. Britain has a proven record of 500 years of “invade, murder, plunder, colonise.” Brains coming out of Oxford, Cambridge, Harrow, Eton and other elite schools serve the British empire. Chatham House is the place where Satan’s demons gather to put their next evil plan into gear.

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