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 John Kerry’s Former Sr. Campaign Adviser Has A Secured Position With Ukraine Gas Co

John Kerry and Joe Biden are whizzing on our legs, and telling us it’s a warm rain shower.

So, where’s the conflict outrage from the Democrats?  Had this been Cheney or Bush’s kin, the left would be exploding with accusations now.   We’ll see what the follow-up in the newspapers and other major western media outlets will be … my money is on suppression of the article and/or no response or shakeup as a result.    If one of ‘President Romney’s’  boys had pulled a stunt like this, there would have been calls for impeachment.   The double standard of the ‘progressive’ world – media and politician alike.   Ditto Russia-hating “conservatives” who do not blog about the truth in the Russian/Ukraine scenario.  Too busy chanting “Putin is a mean, snarling, Frankenstein dictator.’

Devon Archer, a former senior advisor to current Secretary of State John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and a college roommate of Kerry’s stepson, signed up with Burisma in April: 

An art collage from November 2013

The poor here and abroad…