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1 in 4 People Don’t Like Jews & Don’t Know About The Holocaust. My Advise:

Here are my thoughts:

Anyone that knows me knows I am an ethnic Jew with a Portuguese/Sephardic Jewish mother that was not religious.  I learned about God and the Torah for myself.   My husband’s family were very religious Jews.   But, I am not religious, I am not secular. I am more spiritual.    I read my Torah, my Tanakh as well as being well read in the New Testament. (Yes, I am very pro-Christian)  I love God and try my best to love him and try to be as moral as I possibly can.   I don’t force my beliefs on everyone and am very “Jewish” about that…. But, all of this does not matter.  In the end is the Jew and the Jew stands alone.  Let’s stand alone on the right side in life.  The Torah tells us what is right or wrong: Follow it that life may be well for you.

  • First of all:  The holocaust didn’t happen here in the states.  But, for some reason, it is shown on TV hour after hour on history channels.  As to make Americans feel guilty.  For what? I don’t know.  While I feel horrible for what happened to Jewish people in the Holocaust, it was not an American crime.  That’s my take.  Maybe I’m wrong..  But, I am against feeling like a victim.   I want good Jews to be strong, not feel weakened and stereo-typed.   I feel that Christians AND Jews bare the brunt of every evil when it comes time to pointing fingers.  The sign of an unrepentant nation is the blame game.  Many Americans did nothing years ago, way before Obama got it. That’s the facts.  Americans sat around while their country went, head first into the garbage can.

I am used to the non stop “Jews did 9-11”, “Jews did Ukraine”, “Jews eat gentile babies”, “Too many Jews in the govt” etc.  None of this is the truth.  I am at the point were I disregard it and move on.  However: There are too many Liberal, loud mouth Jews working with and in the government that are insane:  Schumer, Feinstein, Levin, et al.    And, any Jew that supports Israel, morally or financially–you can’t make people ‘just support Israel’ as you feel in your own heart.  Some just don’t give a damn one way or the other.  Live and let live.  Also, my opinion:  AIPAC should disband itself.  It is rarely for the interest of Jews and only politically motivated.  Ditto the ADL.

  • Second of all: The reason Jews are thought of as horrible now is because just about every Jew in politics is a left-wing lunatic. This is very bad. History will probably record that “ALL” of us were Democrat/liberals because of this and we are NOT.

Jews like me, an activist & patriotic blogger AGAINST wars and a ‘far right winger’ are monitored on the blogosphere, even by many ‘conservatives.’  They just ignore us.  We may as well not exist on the net.

  • 3rd: Right-minded Jews must speak out against the anti-Christian, Communist, Progressive, pro-militant homosexual, Liberal Jews.   If they don’t, it will be left to non-Jews and then many Jews will scream “anti semitism.”  So, you must speak out.
  • 4th: Liberal Jews, take note:  This nation has been good to you and me. Isn’t it high time that liberal Jews, religious or not be good and patriotic to this nation? Work to turn the course of things around.


I am tired of taking the rap for your evil behavior, Liberal Jews.
Lastly:   Do NOT be for war.  Enough.  We have NOT been attacked and there is NO reason to bomb, drone and master revolutions & coup de’tats  all over the globe.  Stand against US Government aggression in foreign countries.   If you don’t know where to stand on an issue, don’t comment on it.   Stay neutral.    If an ideology goes against the Constitution, don’t EVER be for it.  Anything that goes against laws of a country is treason to God AND country.

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