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#WhitePrivilege: Immature, Al Sharpton-Like Race-Baiting From Eric Holder & Mrs Obama

That is what white privilege is:  Bow to the Obama’s—-or else.

Remember: Mrs. Obama & Holder Cancelled Speeches @ Schools … must be racism, right?

I won’t ever vote for ANY minority…ever.  I don’t care what type of person they are.  I have had it.  If we oppose the Communism and war mongering lunacy, we are racists.  Who gives a sh’t if someone is a racist, anyway?  It’s their politics that are repulsive not their worshiped skin color.  If we oppose their revolutions in Ukraine, Syria, etc.. We are “Putin sympathizers,” “Anti Democracy.”  This is how the left shoves through their failed, disastrous insanity:  Just call everyone a racist.

An art collage from November 2013