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CNN’s Prez Jeff Zucker Refuses To Cover #Benghazi. So? Don’t Cover The Murder Of The Fag, Chris Stevens, Etc


So, is this what Jeff Zucker believes is Tikkun olam? (Kabbalah term for ‘healing the world’ For who, exactly? Mrs. Smith?  The mother of slain Sean Smith?  Are they refusing to cover it because poor ‘ol Hillary’s campaign might be in danger if they DO cover it?  Oh the pain…Boo hoo..       Or, is Zucker sucking Obama’s noodle?  Who knows.. The way us evil, right-wingers see it:    So what if they leave the ambassador out to dry and not investigate this murder.. So what if some emails were found that accuse this administration of lies.  Stevens was a fag.  Good riddance to the drek.. Is that how you liberals are gonna roll?  Well, I must say….we finally have something in common..

CNN President: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi

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The slime got what he deserved..

And, this man was a friend of Hillary Clinton… And, with friends like this, who needs an enemies……

I hope you all realize this post was sarcasm…But, since this administration is supporting Nazis in Ukraine, it only sounds natural that they wouldn’t give a shit for Chris Stevens and the other 3 slain…