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Our Friend, @GrahamWP_UK, RT’s Journalist From Ukraine Is Being Held Hostage By Kiev Fascists

Graham has been reporting about Ukrainian Nazis and their rise to power long before John McCain destroyed Kiev:  Oleh Tyahnybok and the Rise of Svoboda, 2012 | Posted by a Brit in Ukraine.    The only thing that Graham has done ‘wrong’ is take pictures of events that are happening in real time.   He is doing his job, while other pro Nazi/Western journalists write propaganda for John McCain and Victoria Nuland.   Defense does not propagandize.   Offense does & EU/USA are the offenders in Ukraine.  Russia never entered the staged ‘revolt’ in Kiev, they were busy with the Olympics.   Just ask John McCain and Obama who LIE daily about Ukraine.  DAILY.   Ditto Fox news and others.

Graham is a brave journalist who has been willing to get in the thick of the mess.  Please pray for his release.  He is needed so that the pro-NAZI/EU/USSA Stalinist propaganda is countered by sanity.

Graham has stated today while in captivity:

“I’ve been describing my position on Crimea.  I did believe – and I did say and I did state and I stand by position – that the Crimea referendum was legitimate. I do believe referendums held here have a legitimacy, and I had an exchange one day that I do believe the Kiev government isn’t legal and isn’t democratic.   I don’t support this current situation in the east of Ukraine or the Donetsk Republic, as it’s now been named. I believe the position of President Turchinov and [PM] Yatsenyuk – not coming here to speak to people, but using military forces to launch assaults against them – is completely wrong.”

Here is the video:

They want Graham and I’ll tell you why, he is the biggest trender on Twitter for true news in Ukraine: Click to see the charts

GrahamWPhillips eclipsed all other tweeps for RT

I posted this a few days ago and now it has come to fruition: Ukrainian Fascists Offer 10000 Dollars To Capture Journalist

This is Graham.  He is a friend of The Mad Jewess:

Never ever forget WHO the offender in Ukraine is:

People are TIRED of the western MSM and their LIES.