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As Burger Flippers Demand $15/Hour @ McDonalds, Russia Could Black Out The United States

Ronald Getting Angry. Thumb.

Wake up idiots…

I am not a ‘trend’ blogger.  I fear the dangers that can befall my family.  Presently, I only worry about family, friends, activists and online activists because we no longer have a country & men are willing to have it this way.   So, I have to protect me and mine.   Russia has not been an enemy, we have been THEIR enemy.  Russia was allied with America during WW2 and liberated Germany from the Nazis, yet the only thing that most Americans can do is defame Russia, project their guilt on the Kremlin and accuse their president of atrocities that the US Government has committed in Ukraine.

In this post mentioned, there are facts presented that will show you how Russia can black out this nation.  Read for yourself (H/T Lisa).  As this is possible, given our current ‘leadership’ SNAFU, stupid American morons are storming the McDonalds HQ, demanding $15- an hour:  Read that here.  In my day, we went to our place of employment, worked like dogs, paid for our own college, bought our own cars and didn’t complain that we weren’t paid enough.  If we didn’t make enough money, we asked for more hours or got another job, OR worked 2 jobs.

Present America is consisted of morons that live for the next tweet, facebook post and the latest bogus, racial rant brought on by the idiot occupying the White House.    It is embarrassing to people like me who care about a potential WWIII with Russia and China which would be brought on against my will and the will of other sane Americans who are few in #. 

America will never impeach Obama or throw him out even though he is the worst President we’ve ever had.  They will allow him his full 2nd term because it’s ‘racist’ to hold Obama accountable as we would a white president.