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#WhitePrivilege “Evil” Whitey Is Fightin’ Back Against Obama’s Black Supremacist Sons!

I am glad that many white youths of Suburbia and inner city America are not going to sit back and take this insanity from Obama’s sons.. These videos will make your day if you have been a victim of black on white racism.  They’re sure making their fathers look like little patsy’s.  This is starting to happen all over the country.  “Evil” whitey is sick of the bogus ‘white privilege’ mantra… It aint working anymore, Liberal idiots.

4 videos that will make you feel better:

Good. Fight back against bullies.

Coming soon:  David Ben Moshe’s 29 pitfalls of why working with black Liberals is horrible.

A rebuttal to:  Radical Group That Listed ‘Pitfalls Of Working With White People’ Received Over $250K in DOJ Grants