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Vulture Capitalists: Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.VULTURE Capitalists: Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.


I will tell you what a Vulture Capitalist is.   In the 1990’s, I had an antique store in California.  My Grandmother and I owned it.  My Grandmother had fallen sick and we had to close in a few short months.  We had a large stock of colored glass from the 1960’s.  On the door, we had a ‘Going out of business sale, 50% off.’  That was hard enough on my Grandmother…In walked the Vultures:  “Hello there, so sorry to see you closing down.  I see this is 50% off. It was $50- and now it’s $25-, can I get it for $10-?”



And, that is what will happen in Ukraine.  The US will use her like a cheap whore.  In the end, Ukraine will wish joined Russia in the first place.  It’s not enough that we turned their country upside down, now she will be treated like a slut.  There is blood on the hands of the US Govt in Ukraine, support for Nazis and fascists & now they’ll make money off of blood. Carnivores..

Evil bastards:

Turmoil in Ukraine has sparked a boomlet of lobbying in Washington, with an almost five-fold increase in the number of companies and organizations weighing in with lawmakers and officials.

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