“Israel’s Fault” -Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten Outside Of Paris Synagogue, 4 Murdered In Belgium.

“Israels Fault” -Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten Outside Of Paris Synagogue, 4  Murdered In Belgium.

Jews that are beaten in Paris and murdered in Belgium is all Israel’s fault. (Eyeroll)


Here we have 2 Jewish brothers severely beaten outside of a Paris synagogue and it’s all Israel’s fault, no doubt.  Jews were murdered in Belgium and it’s Israel’s fault.  No doubt about that either.  I have heard MANY people tell me that they are not anti-semitic, they are ‘criticizing the Israeli government.’    Most of you are just Jew-haters.  Period. 

There are many governments in this world that do FAR WORSE than the current left-wing leaders in Israel.  But, you rant about Israel because you are duped by the Jew-hating media.  That’s the facts.  If the Jews take down their wall today – tomorrow, their coffee shops, grocery stores, buses, pizza places will be blown up by the poor Palis.  FACT.  

There is ONE state of Jews in the east, just one.   Muslims have 66 countries.   But, Israel is the devil in the east.   Israel is swallowing up Arab lands.   Israel is ‘ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.’  Yeah right.   If you truly cared about these Palis, you would wonder what Assad is doing with them.. Facts:  Many Palis are murderous psychos, indoctrinated with Islamic insanity—which is WHY Assad has them in refugee camps.  He knows what they’re like.  He’s not stupid.   Assad is starving Palestinians to death in a Syrian camp

Now, your Jew hatred is murdering off little Jews. It’s NEVER the big government “Jews” (JINO’s)  who hate God that get it–its ALWAYS the little ones…which you have always known.  And, you knowing this makes you guilty by association of their murders and beatings.

Keep blaming the Jews and Israel for your own apathy & loss of country, you idiotsWhile I am not a Netanyahu fan because he is a multi-cult jerk, he is right that your phony criticism has brought forth a climate of hatred against little Jews.

I will keep my gun, thank you very much. 

Three Killed In Shooting at Jewish Museum UPDATE: Four killed – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.8a2Nuw4n.dpuf

12 thoughts on ““Israel’s Fault” -Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten Outside Of Paris Synagogue, 4 Murdered In Belgium.

  1. Cowardice From The European Leaders, Tied up by Their Own Created European Union.
    Those People will kill and will be label as victim.
    As For The Real Victims.. Well..
    And When They are Jews.. It is normal, because of the bad Israel who is an insult to Muslims…. all Muslims..
    It Will Happen Again, more and more…

    This are The Last Days of Europe

  2. Europeans have always been Anti-Semites. Europeans are also amongst the White population No. 1 muslim arselickers. Simple to deduct. Europeans are definitely inferior in intellect/courage/guts than Jews. And so must hate those who would benefit mankind but love those who are the plague of mankind.

  3. One spits on Europeans who invite muslims to their land with much aplomb then sit back and watch those savages rape their women. Sick bloody decrepit degenerates. One and all.

  4. Oh, before I forget, the Pope (JESUIT) has categorically called for a Soveriegn Palestine.

    The Vatican, remember? Jesuits at work. For centuries. Vatican’s greatest enemies: Judaism/Jews and Orthodox Christianity.

  5. And Shimon Peres, Israel’s TRAITOR at large, did agree to hand Jerusalem to the Vatican. Some years ago. Research more if interested.

  6. Now, Amerikaners should watch for their own darling Rabid Anti-Semite churches join the European degenerates. I refer to the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ (UCC), the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the United Methodist Church, (UMC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Filthy muslim arselickers. These are the slugs from Satan’s pits that preach and promote it is the Church that is chosen, and not Israel. Damn Bible distorters/twisters. All do Satan’s work.

    Bet your last penny they are already celebrating the deaths of Jews and congratulating their European rabid hyenas.

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  8. As I’ve said before, my Dad and his brothers—all under 5′ 6″—were beaten up on a daily basis by Irish youts in the 1930’s. That song and dance ended when Pop and his bros started carrying baseball bats, and, proactively, cracked some skulls.

    If Jews here and anywhere refuse to live in the real world, then they are going to continue to get beat up.

    Get your stupid heads out of the Torah and buy a Louisville Slugger—although a .44 Ruger does it cleaner.

  9. That’s why martial arts training begins for boys aged 5 out here. I had much pleasure beating the daylights of pommies who tried to rob me. Once, in full suit and all.

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