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Memorial Day Salute From David Ben Moshe

With a name like David Ben Moshe, you probably realize that I am Jewish, and if you don’t, there is no point in reading any further.

When WWII broke out, my father who was an immigrant from Russia, a family escape during the Communist Revolution in 1917, was a little too old for combat so he did what he could to serve his country.  Keeping in line with his business, my father was expert in the Quarter Master, handing out the clothing.  I always joke that he had the toughest job of all. He handed out the underwear.

He is gone now, buried in a Jewish cemetery in NYC, but right next to him are the graves, surely empty, of Morris Levy and Harry Atchison, one killed Nov. 1944 and the other Jan 1945. Their bodies probably lie in France, Italy or maybe the Philippines. Like the cartoon says-‘They gave up their tomorrows so that we could have ours’.

Memorial Day is their day along with 280,000 others who gave all.

David Ben Moshe