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Salvatore From Sacramento On My Blog Says: The Mad Jewess’s Family Are “Jew Liars”

This is what the short, fat, crypto-Jew WOP said to The Mad Jewess this morning:

(In my spam trash which WordPress sucks at sometimes)

I’m Italian and I couldn’t give a fuckin’ flyin’ shit about you, your grandfather, your grandmother, or anyone else in your family of Jew liars. I don’t believe this Cummings is your relation. I think you’re making it all up. I think you’re full of shit.

I thought you were a red skin injun squaw. What happened to that? Is it snake skin shedding season yet again?

This faggot from Sacramento seems to make it out of the spam every so often.  But, for all of my hard work, this is what I must contend with. 

You see…the truth about Sal Shlomo is that he had a girlfriend named Lana while he was living in The Bronx.  He had told Lana that he was uncircumcised.  Lana wanted to ‘do some Tabu..’   The hot and heavy night came.. Sal kissed Lana and one thing lead to another.   Sal took off his pants, then his hanes – and lo and behold, there it was…A circumcised pecker.    Salvatore (Shlomo)  was a Jew,  with an ugly, little, tiny penis.   Hopes faded for Lana and Sal turned bitter.   Now he takes this shit out on The Mad Jewess for not giving him the proper attention.

Here is the real Sally, a crypto-Jewish, Italian hunk:


Charmer aint he…