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Is @SenJohnMcCain Proud? THIS Is What He Has Caused In Ukraine! MURDERER.


STOP blaming Russia (who had not even entered the picture in Ukraine until AFTER the Sochi Olympics), blame John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Pierre Omidyar for the murder in Ukraine.   I am sick and tired of American people blaming everyone else for what people in OUR government perpetrates in other nations.

Oh, this is from R’T’s.. Keep telling yourselves this is “Russian propaganda”, the  same way the MSM hides black on white crimes from the population.  The Main stream is complicit in hiding genocide:  Up to 100 killed in Kiev military op, Donetsk E. Ukraine – anti-govt forces

Ukraine SNAFU brought to you by…

Video of John McCain in Kiev on December 13, 2014.  STUPID Americans don’t even ask what this piece of vomitous garbage was even doing in Ukraine.

Your young men are not sent to fight for our freedom, they are sent to fight for John McCain, to keep his pockets fat.  Our country is not free.  Its a cesspool of nonsense.


Imagine Western-supported putschists toppling Ukraine’s legitimate government. Imagine usurping power lawlessly.Imagine fascism replacing democracy. Imagine it with US complicity and support.  Imagine waging war on ordinary people. Ones rejecting putschist power.  On freedom fighters. On Ukraine’s best and bravest. On people wanting to live free.  For fundamental rights everyone deserves.

Imagine being called terrorists for doing so. On May 16, Kiev declared Donetsk and Lugansk regions “terrorism organizations.”