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PBS Tonight: Obama Admin, Plus John McCain Arming Syrian Jihadist Rebels


I’ve been telling ya’all this for YEARS:  Syria | The Mad Jewess

But, I mean nothing because I am just a little ol Jew bag.  Keep believing this preSStitute media over me who loves humans & animals.  And, don’t think this is just Obama.  His PAL, John McCain has wanted a war in Syria for 4 years! McCain is a lunatic.  He uses our men as his private army.

Frontline will air Arming the Rebels tonight on PBS.  The Syrian rebels admit they were being armed with US weapons.
PBS.org , Hat Tip, Jim Hoft

Putin told us that we were arming Jihadist cannibals.. But, who listens to him?  He’s Hitler, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc..

An art collage from November 2013

Look at the places this creep has screwed up:  Map: All the Countries John McCain Has attacked … – Mother Jones (Who I hate, but they’re right about this)

VA Senator wrote Assad thanking him for rescuing the Christians: